Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disney Store: Limited Edition 17'' Coronation Elsa and Nordic Anna Dolls

I think by now we all know how successful Disney's Frozen has become over the last few months, and it's hard to find any of the merchandise for it, not just at the Disney Store but also places like Wal-Mart and ToysRUs too. I have to say I'm lucky to have bought most of the Frozen merchandise I wanted last September when it was abundant at the Disney Store. Even the meet and greet at Disney World is racking up a five hour wait and the fast passes for it are being booked full like sold out concert tickets.

On January 10th I pre-ordered the second wave of Frozen limited edition dolls on the Disney Store's website, and they sold out within an hour despite having a much larger edition size than the first set. On March 18th they were available, and that's when they both arrived to my house.

Anna on the left, Elsa on the right.

Last November Snow Queen Elsa and Coronation Anna were released, and it was odd that they were wearing different outfits from different times in the movie. Of course Disney was planning on releasing these two all along depending on the success of the move I'm sure, so if you want a complete set, you had to buy these two too. They retailed for around $99 like the previous dolls in this series.

I'll start with Elsa first since she's the more popular of the two sisters. Elsa comes dressed in her outfit she wears to her coronation to become queen towards the beginning of the movie. Her overall look is darker compared to her first doll and the two Anna dolls.

Snow Queen Elsa vs Coronation Elsa

Snow Queen Elsa seems a little paler than coronation Elsa, and her hair seems a little more yellower. I prefer Coronation Elsa's hair shade because it seems closer to Animated Elsa's.

Elsa's box is white to match the color of the other princesses' in this series. Her name is displayed elegantly along with the doll's edition size. There's a navy, aqua, and purple design that's inspired by rosemaling.

More  box design details.

The back of Elsa's box.

 The silhouette used on her box is the same as the one on Snow Queen Elsa's.

Spot the spelling mistake

Elsa's description.

Elsa's certificate of authenticity matches her box quite well. My Elsa is quite a high number.

Onto the doll herself. Elsa's box background is of the stave her coronation took place in during the movie.

Her crown.

Coronation Elsa on the top, Snow Queen Elsa on the bottom.
  Coronation Elsa's make up is a little more subtle than Snow Queen Elsa's. Her eyeshadow and lips are lighter. Snow Queen Elsa's slightly raised eyebrows also give her a different facial expression from Coronation Elsa.

Elsa's hair is styled like it was in the movie. It's intricately rolled into a bun on the back of her head.

Elsa's dress is made from a soft satiny material that is supposed to emulate silk. She's wearing a black long sleeved top underneath her tell bodice, and they both are embroidered with rosemaling and rhinestones. Her bodice is separated from her skirt and trimmed with brown material and more rhinestones.

Her cloak is closed with a clasp that has an iridescent jewel that reflects the light. The shoulders of her cloak also have purple rhinestones.

A close up of the embroidery on her chest.

Her cloak is made from a heavy velvet material and is decorated with more rhinestones and embroidery. The largest thing on there is a lotus flower, which is the symbol of Arendelle, Elsa's kingdom. The inside of her cape is lined with purple satin that is similar to her dress material.

More details of her cloak.

The only detail on her skirt is on the bottom near the hem.

Her important gloves her light blue with matching rhinestones.

Her black sleeves extend all of the way into her gloves.

Her bodice is separate from her skirt it seems.

A lot of people prefer Snow Queen Elsa to Coronation Elsa, which I can understand since the former is dressed in her iconic look. I have to say I like them both equally though, since I love the deep, rich colors Coronation Elsa is wearing. Coronation is a good alternative to Snow Queen Elsa is you're looking to get an Elsa doll, because she'll likely always remain cheaper because of her higher edition size.

Now onto Anna! Anna's in her signature outfit here, so it's a bit brighter than the Coronation Elsa dolls. I believe the official name for her is Nordic Winter Anna.

Nordic Anna with her counterpart, Snow Queen Elsa.

Coronation Anna next to Nordic Anna.

The bottom of Anna's box is similar to her sister's.

Anna's box has whimsical purple and aqua rosemaling designs.

The back of her box has the same color scheme.

Like Elsa's box, Anna's silhouette is the same one used on Coronation Anna's box. I wish they had used designs that reflected what doll looks like for Coronation Anna and Elsa.

Anna's description.

Anna is a relatively low number compared to Elsa!

Anna is fastened in front of a snowy background full of trees. It contrasts nicely with the vibrant colors of her outfit. Her stand is visible since her skirt is shorter than most of the dolls in this series, besides Ariel.

Anna photographs really wonderfully and she ends up looking really nice in most of the photos I've seen of her floating around.

I prefer Nordic Anna's make up compared to Coronation Anna's, especially her lip color, but I like how Coronation Anna's freckles are more spread out all over her face. They also aren't as dark, and I like how Coronation Anna's freckles are different shades, which makes them look a little more realistic than Nordic Anna's.

Anna's hair is styled in two braids like it was for most of the movie.

She has her white streak running through the on the right.

Her hood is made from the same wool material as her cloak, and is lined with purple faux fur in the front. The lavender contrasts nicely with her red hair.

Her outfit consists of four parts; her bodice, undershirt, skirt, and cloak. Her bodice is made from black velvet and is trimmed with gold. The chest of the bodice is embroidered with flowers and rhinestone accents. Her blue undershirt is long sleeved and is made from a silky material. The shoulders of her cloak are embroidered with purple trim and rhinestones, and are also decorated with pom poms. It clasps with a silver folk heart.

Her cloak is made from a heavy wool material that feels real. It's edges continue with the same purple embroidery and rhinestones like around the shoulders.

The top layer of her skirt is made from royal blue velvet and blue rhinestones are scattered all over it.

The hem is scalloped and decorated with more rosemaling and rhinestones.

The bottom layer is also scalloped and made from a satiny material.

Her boots are the same as her Classic Doll's just bigger.

Her blue mittens are made from a knit material and also have rhinestones on them. The rhinestones on my doll's are loose though and I almost knocked them off just by touching her glove.

Nordic Anna is really lovely and the colors used on her are beautiful, but I think I prefer Coronation Anna because the green looks stunning with her red hair. Again though, if you want an Anna doll Nordic Anna will be cheaper and easier to find since she has a higher edition size.

I just wanted to apologize for how long it took me to write and publish this, since it's almost June and I got these dolls at the end of March. I meant to get it published a few weeks ago but I got into a car accident (I'm fine but my car isn't), and had more things that needed my attention.

Thank you for reading though!



  1. These dolls rock! you did a great job reviewing them ^^
    they look awesome,but I think they went nuts with the rhinestones....which in my opinion,made them look cheap....that's only my opinion though....

    1. Oh no I definitely agree! I felt ridiculous at how many times I typed rhinestones when I was writing.

  2. You captured the colours in the outfits brilliantly!

    I'd actually never seen non-promotional photos of the Coronation Elsa before, so I loved getting to see her in detail. That outfit is lovely - such deep colours on it!

  3. I like seeing a coronation Elsa as opposed to the more popular (it seems) ice Queen, and her outfit looks amazing! Cute that the sisters match. :)

  4. Just wondering,anyone willing to sell me a Nov. Elsa doll for under the outrageous ebay prices? Thanks.

  5. Hey Heather,

    Just to let you know, the symbol on Elsa's train is not a tulip, but rather a Crocus which is a symbol of rebirth and spring. In colder regions it bursts forth while snow is still on the ground. The symbol is the official crest of Arendelle and is also found on Anna's coronation necklace

  6. I'm a huge fan of Nordic Anna. Excellent review of these dolls by the way.

  7. Hi! What a cute blog! I interested in getting started in collecting the limited edition dolls! Do you have any tips for me? What is the best way to get a pre ordered doll? I am a rookie! Do you have a site you follow that let's you know all the info of new dolls coming out, pre orders etc? Thank you thank you!!!! Xo meg

    1. Hi Meg! I actually have a previous post on how I get them, so you can check that out. The limited edition Aurora doll is also coming out at the end of this month.

  8. Have you ever gone to the Disney stores to pre order??

  9. I am not sure which Elsa I prefer, snow queen Elsa or coronation Elsa. I love the photos you took of the dolls! You are great at taking photos!

  10. Replies
    1. Bonjour. Les poupées sont fascinants, mais Disney mis beaucoup trop de strass sur! Les poupées de couronnement l'air un peu plus que ce qu'ils sont censés être, Anna regarde beaucoup moins stupide que celui congelé, et Elsa a beaucoup à couvercle super cils, mais dans l'ensemble ils sont grandes poupées!

  11. When are you gonna post again?

  12. hello! great post! love it, I've been wondering, do you do reviews on 18 inch dolls? I've been meaning to purchase a Maru and Friends doll because the collection is absolutely beautiful, and realistic! Ive been wanting to know if you're going to do a review on Maru and Friends? really looking forward to it thanks