Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disney Store: Limited Edition 17'' Coronation Elsa and Nordic Anna Dolls

I think by now we all know how successful Disney's Frozen has become over the last few months, and it's hard to find any of the merchandise for it, not just at the Disney Store but also places like Wal-Mart and ToysRUs too. I have to say I'm lucky to have bought most of the Frozen merchandise I wanted last September when it was abundant at the Disney Store. Even the meet and greet at Disney World is racking up a five hour wait and the fast passes for it are being booked full like sold out concert tickets.

On January 10th I pre-ordered the second wave of Frozen limited edition dolls on the Disney Store's website, and they sold out within an hour despite having a much larger edition size than the first set. On March 18th they were available, and that's when they both arrived to my house.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Liebster Friend Award

I want to apologize for not posting in such a long time and I really don't have an excuse as to why I haven't been writing. I've just felt burnt out, but I have about five things I'd like to review soon so hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging again. 

I was originally going to include this post in one of my reviews, but I ended up getting tagged twice for this so I've decided to create a separate post for it in case you're not interested in reading it.

The Liebster Friend Award was given to me first by Gwen of A Peek Into the Pantry and again by Neth at American Girl Outsider. Both have great blogs and I urge you to check them out if you've never stumble upon them before.

First I'll start with Gwen's questions since she tagged me first.

1. What is your favorite historical time period to learn about?

My favorite period is the Regency period, but I've also been enjoying learning more about the Medieval period too and currently am enjoying a book about the 14th century and all of the corruptness going on in Western Europe during that time. Maybe I'm a sick person, but I also love reading about the gritty lives most people lived too and all of the weird things that went on during and after the Black Death and other factors that caused these people to be so violent back then.
2. If AG told you you could design everything about their next historical character from appearance to time period to book series, what would you do?

Oh goodness, I'm not sure what I would pick to do. Probably a black girl living in Harlem during the 1920's or maybe a New England Puritan girl living in the 1600s, though her accessories and clothes would probably be a bit boring. 

3. Do you have a favorite Disney movie, and if so, which is it?

I'm kind of weird in the way I divide things up in my head, but I don't really consider the movies made during the Classic Walt Era, Renaissance, and the ones coming out now comparable to each other. If I had to pick though my all time favorite would have to be Sleeping Beauty, I really love the art and music.
4. DC or Marvel?

I'm not really into either, but if I had to pick it would be DC because I like Poison Ivy a lot!
5. What else do you collect besides dolls?
I collect Disney Blu-Rays and pins and have accumulated a lot of dresses and shoes for myself over the years. I'm a bit of a shopaholic. 
6. What's your favorite TV show? 

My absolute favorite is Game of Thrones, but I'm getting a bit sick of the show writers, especially this season and all of the unnecessary rape scenes they have added in. I do really love the soundtrack for each season and am always listening to them while I write or jog though. Anyways,  the excellent writing and unconventional plot twists have ruined the majority of other TV shows for me, but I've also been enjoying the BBC's Call The Midwife lately, The Borgias when it was on, and Orange is the New Black.

7. What's one book that really influenced your life?

I honestly can't think of one, maybe I need to read more or I'm just really boring.
8. What was your favorite toy growing up, and do you still have it? If not, are you looking for one to add to your adult collection?

Well I really loved my American Girl dolls obviously, but that's a given so I'll pick something else. I have a stuffed black rabbit I got when I was three that is named Nibbles that I loved a lot.
9. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

 Probably some type of predatory bird that could fend for it's self. I've always wanted to fly and have a lot of dreams where I'm flying so I think that fits well.

10. Is there anywhere on Earth you don't want to visit?

A lot of places to be honest. Right now probably the Ukraine though!
11. Who is your overall favorite fictional character and why?

I've always liked Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I've never not liked any of the different interpretations of her, whether it's the original Alice from the books, Disney's Alice, or American McGee's Alice.

And now Neth's questions!

 1: What bugs you/pisses you off about the majority of toy collecting communities?   

This is a hard question, but sometimes I feel like the entitlement from some adults who think children shouldn't have the toys they want at all. Like I get it if the kid isn't old enough for it, but unless if it's specifically made for adult collectors I don't see the harm.
2: What's your favorite collection thing you've gotten in the last six months to a year? 

I think my Caroline doll! Like I said I love the Regency period and I find fixing her curls to be very therapeutic.  

3: You've got unlimited funds to launch your own toy or doll company. Design your signature character and their back story. 

 This is so hard for some reason for me! I think I'd want to do a fashion inspired Disney Princess doll line similar to ones from 2011. I think each line would be their signature outfits styled in fashions from different periods. 

4: You now have a flamethrower and the ability to wipe any doll line out--past or present--just because you don't want it around. Which one do you torch? 

Probably those Fairytale Academy dolls that are currently out. I really don't like them and I think they look like a dollar store doll line.
5: What's a topic you could totally geek out about for hours? 

Pokemon, unless you're one of those generation one only people. If not that than Animal Crossing.
6: What's the last book you just couldn't finish, and why? 

Well I'm currently in the middle of reading Pride and Prejudice, and I'd like to finish it but I feel like it's something I need to be sitting outside in the sun reading, and we still have crappy weather here.
7: What's the last movie you watched that felt like a waste of film? 

I don't really watch movies to be honest! I was trying to watch North and South on Netflix while exercising though and just couldn't really get into it.
8: You have become a super hero, faster than that thing, stronger than that other thing, able to do that thing in a single thing! Alas, we all have a weakness. What's your kryptonite? 

Bugs. I hate them they creep me out and are gross. 

9: What's your least favorite fandom, and why? 

I don't really care for the Monster High fandom, at least the one of tumblr. They seem cliquey and a little dramatic at times. They do produce some wonderful art and customs though and I thank them for that.
10: You've got a time machine. It only goes backwards and to right now, and you can bring one thing to the present with you and take one thing back. What do you take back with you and what do you bring forward? 

I'm not sure if you mean as an invention, or just something to aid me while living there, so I go with the latter. I'd definitely need my contacts because I'm almost legally blind and I wouldn't be able to do much without them or my glasses and would need someone to guide me places. 

And if I could bring something back with me, it would be probably be dresses if I visited the 1940's or jewelry from any time before that. Or a harpsichord, I'd really would like to learn how to play it and there are some beautiful antique ones.

11: Everyone knows favorite colors, that's easy. What's your least favorite color and/or color combination?

I HATE most shades of yellow, especially school bus yellow. I don't mind mustard yellow though even though most people think it's probably the grossest yellow there is.

I know you're supposed to tag other people in this and come up with your own questions, but I'm afraid the people I would tag have already been tagged by others and I don't know if this is still going around or not.

Anyways, I'll apologize again for my lack of posting and hopefully I'll get around to posting my review of the March Limited Edition Anna and Elsa dolls within the next week or so!