Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monster High Frights Camera Action: Black Carpet Lagoona Blue

So I recently packed up my Monster High dolls to go in storage for when I get around to moving, but yesterday I ended up buying two more! I bought 13 Wishes Haunt the Casbah Abbey, who I'll review soon, and Fright Camera Action Black Carpet Lagoona. Now in my defense I had a gift card to Wal-Mart and have been searching for Abbey around here for ages, and Lagoona was on sale at Target for only $9.99! And she's from a new line. I can't pass up brand new and on sale. ;)

Lagoona arrives in a skinny box and was priced at $9.99 at Target. I don't know what her normal price is and it might of been a mistake if she shares the same product number with a doll they are trying to get rid of, which is how I got my Dance Class 5 pack last summer for only $30. She's from the new movie line called Frights Camera Action and the movie is due to be released this upcoming spring. She's in the budget line this time around, which is apparently dubbed Black Carpet.

As you may or may not know, I've been collecting Lagoona Blue dolls since July 2010 when she debuted with the line. Besides her, I also collect Abbey Bominable dolls from Monster High. I like characters based around the ocean and winter, what can I say?

Don't tap on the glass, it upsets her.
Lagoona is easily recognizable from the other ghouls because of her big fish eyes and cute freckles. Frights Camera Action Lagoona is no exception.


The Fright Camera Action logo and the Black Carpet title. I'm still not sick of the puns Monster High uses.

I find it interesting the art on the box doesn't have Lagoona's freckles on her cheeks. I think she actually looks a little strange without them!

The back of her box.

The back features artwork of the other girls in the budget line. I cut this out to add to the bag full of other Monster High art I have.

There's also a blurb about the story of the movie.

One last look at Lagoona in her box.

Lagoona on the carboard backing from her box.

The background is of the paparazzi taking photos of her coming down the black carpet. 

All free! Just to be clear the stand didn't come with her. I was just using it to take photos since she can't balance in her heels.

Lagoona comes wearing a dress, heels, necklace, purse, and headband.

Lagoona has coral and shimmery pink eyeshadow surrounding her big green eyes. Her lips are painted a pretty dark red berry color which is a nice change because she usually has pink lips.

Another unique thing about this particular Lagoona is that her hair is mostly blue with a few yellow highlights that frame her face. Usually her hair is mostly blonde with a little bit of blue. It looks fairly ratty in this picture because it hasn't been brushed yet.

The blonde seems to only be rooted around the sides mostly.

What it looks like underneath.

Looks a bit damaged from the chlorine in the pool.
Here's her hair brushed out even with a mixture of water and braid spray misted in it. This poor Lagoona has the typical Lagoona quality hair, frizzy and dry. I wish Mattel would curl her hair better so this wouldn't happen all of the time. Oh well, she'll have to take a number behind all of my other Lagoonas who need a boil perm desperately.

The ends are really frizzy and poofy. 

I squished the poofiness down a bit with my fingers though and it doesn't look too bad in the mean time.

One of the things I love the most about Lagonna is the aquatic touches they add to her so you remember she's really from under the sea. She has two large aqua fins on her calves. I'll also add that they are removable but I prefer to leave the rubber bands on so I don't loose them.

She also has similar ones on her fore arms.

And her hands are even webbed! Her little hands are so cute, I love them!

Her little ears are also shaped like gills. They may be a little hard to see underneath that hair though.

I decided not to undress her because she doesn't have a unique body from the other Monster High dolls besides her fins and gills. I'm sure by now everyone has seen a naked Monster High doll and if you haven't, Scarah is undressed in my review of her.

Now let's look at Lagoona's outfit and accessories.

 Lagoona's dress is mainly black and pink with hints of light blue.

 The pattern is made up of a soft curvy black, pink, and light blue shapes. There's hints of white in there as well that look a bit like pearls.

The bottom is scalloped and layered with different material. The second layer is metallic and pink and the third layer is made with plain black material.

There's a simple black band around the waist.

There's also silver metallic straps that are a bit hard to see because of how well they blend into Lagoona's skin.

Her necklace is made of plastic and is styled to look long and layered. It's turquoise and there's different shells molded onto the beads.

Her purse is also made from plastic and looks like a jellyfish. 

One of the best things about this particular Lagoona is her chambered nautilus headband.

Here's a photo with flash on so you can see more of the molded details.

The last part of her outfit is her pink heels. There's molded beads on them and the toe straps have a shiny black pearl on them.

The heels are made out of spirally seashells and the back of the shoes look like oyster shells.

Overall I think Lagoona was a good buy at her sale price but I would of paid full her for anyways. I'm a little disappointed in the quality of her hair, but at this point I'm used to it with Lagoona dolls. I do love the color though, and I've been waiting awhile for a Lagoona with mostly blue hair. I also love the darker colored lips for her and her chambered nautilus headband. I don't have much else to say about her. She's not amongst my favorite Lagoonas, but  she's certainly not the worst. I'd say she's some where in between.

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  1. Nice review! :)
    that lagoona sure does sound tempting,though I'll probably buy her for the accessories for my Ariel though (if they would fit though )

    1. I think only the necklace would fit. Monster High's clothes don't fit Barbie bodies and the headband would be too big for Ariel's head.

  2. Very good review!!!! I hope you continue doing reviews like this in future, not matter you'll move and most of the dolls are packaged in boxes.

    1. I plan on it! Doll collecting is my main hobby, so I have a lot of fun with these.