Friday, January 31, 2014

Monster High Art Class: Abbey Bominable

A few weeks ago I went to see Frozen again in theaters and stopped at Target afterwards so my mom could pick up some food. So of course I had to look at the dolls while I was there. Luckily they had just restocked and I found Art Class Abbey, a doll that had been on my wishlist. I had a gift card from Christmas, and after enduring some awkward flirting from the cashier, I was able to bring Abbey home with me.

I also apologize for not being around lately. I haven't felt very inspired to write and I've been binge watching Sailor Moon in preparation for the 20th Anniversary reboot this summer. :p

Abbey was not amused by the flirting, and like me wanted to get out of that line quicker.

Abbey Bominable is the daughter of the yeti and is an exchange student from the Himalayas at Monster High. She has a hard time communicating with the other monsters and talks with a choppy Russian accent. Despite that she was able to befriend some of the other ghouls after some misunderstandings and is now part of the main cast. She's my other favorite character besides Lagoona.

The art class logo on her box. I'm glad they're doing more lines that actually involve school, since the whole thing is called Monster High and all.

The artwork of Abbey is displayed in the left hand corner. She's holding an ice sculpture of her boyfriend Heath Burns and according to the journal it was her project for the class.

The top of the box has a blue and yellow argyle pattern with skulletes, Monster High's symbol.

The back of the box features a full body picture of Abbey and the entries from her journal.

Course description.

The entries. You'll be able to see them better in her journal later on in the post.

And her art work, which differs from her doll a little bit. More on that later.

One last look at Abbey before I took her out of the box. I actually stopped for a moment and didn't want to take her out because of how lovely she looks in her packaging. If I was to start over again collecting Monster High, I don't know if I'd be taking them out of their boxes.

Abbey on her cardboard slip. The background is a stylized classroom to tie in with the art class theme.

Art Class Abbey has bright, cheery, face paint.

Snow sculpture?
Abbey's ice sculpture is a little bit bigger than the one in her art work and white, not icy blue. It looks like it's made out of snow more than ice.

Abbey comes with her ice sculpture, a journal, hair brush, stand, and a blue chain saw.

Let's look at Abbey and her outfit first.

Abbey has a pretty face with bright make up that matches her outfit nicely.

Her eyes are a lavender color with a darker purple edge and a light peach colored highlights around her pupils. She has turquoise eye shadow that looks like a natural toned shade compared to her light blue skin and thick, black, eyelashes. Her eyebrows are a different shade of lavender than her eyes and are arched and shapely.

Abbey's lips are bright coral pink and there is painted white tusks on her upper lip to make it look like they are protruding from her mouth.

Abbey looks human like but has some animal like features to her. Her profile shows that her jaw juts out more than her forehead, more so than a human.

Her hands are very claw-like and boney and her nails look long and hooked.

Abbey has light blue skin that also has light silver glitter in it. Luckily it doesn't move and stays on her, not you or the rest of your house. I think it's very pretty and reminds me of snow.

Another look at the glitter on her hands and arms. It's all over her body, even underneath her clothes and her head.

Her hair is a beautiful white color and has a smooth texture to it, even though on the box art her hair looked wavy. It's a nice length and goes down to her hips. It's easy to manage at this length and not overly long like some doll hair can be.

She has a pink and turquoise streak on the left side of her head, something her dolls usually have. These are two of my favorite colors, which is part of the reason why I love Abbey, since she usually has plenty of the two on her. She also has clear glittery tinsel all through out her hair. It's different than the kind Cleo has but can still be a pain because it won't lay flat all of the time.

When I brushed her hair out I was disappointed to see how much came out in a clump. She doesn't have the most thick of hair, as you can see in one of the above photos where you can almost see her scalp.

On top of her head sits a pair of clear pink goggles to protect her eyes while carving ice. They have a black elastic, so it's easy to slide them over her eyes and up again.

Ready to carve ice while still looking good and safe.

Abbey comes dressed in a snug black printed dress. It has fluffy blue fur around the collar and short cap sleeves.

The hem around the bottom of the dress is also lined from the same blue fur. I like the fur and think it makes the dress look more interesting. It's also pretty soft and fluffy.

The print on the dress is actually very large snowflakes with pink and blue outlining. It's a little hard to see at first but after looking at her illustration it makes it more clear.

Around her waist is a white belt that looks like icicles that breaks up her dress a bit.

I like doll Abbey's dress but I like the illustrated version a little better because it looks more unique. The collar is white and the trim on the bottom is different and looks more like fringe to me. Her belt also looks more like ice and is a clear blue color.

Her shoes are blue boots that match her dress.

The tops are painted white to look like melting snow and the heels should be too but for some reason they skimped on that.

Maybe I'll paint them if I can remember next time I find white paint.

Abbey has blue skullette earrings in her pointy, elf-like ears.

I really like this version of Abbey and I like the simplicity of her and I can see this as an every day school outfit in the Monster High universe but I can't help feeling like she should be a basic doll instead of a deluxe one.

Abbey's ice sculpture is made of white plastic that seems to be the same as her belt.

The carving is of her love interest/boyfriend, Heath. It's shaped like a heart on the top and there is snowflakes scattered around every where else. The top is carved to look like flames.

It's hollow on the inside mostly.

The back is simple and also covered in snowflakes.

Abbey also comes with the standard Monster High brush.

Now we'll look at Abbey's journal. The front is fairly simple and it looks like a stylized composition book with wintery details. The Monster High logo and Abbey's name is printed on the front.

The back is plain with pink and blue ice in the corner.

Her journal has entries about her class and is complete with sketches and pictures of her finished project.

Over all I really like this Abbey. There's honestly nothing really special about her though compared to the other Abbey dolls that have already come out. I'm honestly not sure if I would of bought her if I wasn't an Abbey collector. Her outfit is fairly simple and so are her accessories. Her boots are cute but I do wish they would of given her tights since her outfit is very basic and she doesn't have a lot of accessories to flesh it out and make it more interesting to look at. I also wished they would of given her a better hair style. A lot of Abbey dolls have the same straight, long hair worn down.

I honestly feel like Mattel is skimping more and more on their Monster High dolls compared to when  they first came out. Now they know they'll sell so it's almost as if they feel like they don't have to add all of the details they used to that set them apart from other dolls lines. I still appreciate them for their unique concept though. I do like the focus on art though and I am glad they are focusing more on school subjects.

Thanks for reading!



  1. This is a very pretty Abbey! Very simple but pretty nonetheless.

    1. I agree she's very pretty but simple. I like her make up a lot and the coral lips.

  2. Do you think the Monster High theme as a whole is running out of steam? As in, they could be running out of different ideas?

    1. I don't know actually. I mean, there's a lot they can do with the school theme and many classes and clubs they could explore still but I suppose it's hard to keep the monster/horror theme after a while in the outfits without rehashing things. The only thing I've noticed is a decline in the details. The $20 dolls used to come with tights, jewelry, jackets, and more but now most of them don't. I mean there even was little zippers and buttons on the first few lines.

      I honestly don't know how many years this line can last though seeing as it has a monster theme. I'm not sure if it's as classic and timeless as other things, as much as I love the line.

  3. The cashier at Target was really flirting with you? Aye, that's one of my fears right there; a cashier from some store trying to hit on me...
    Anyways, I kind of wanted this Abbey- but the artwork of Heath turned me off. The first rule in MY doll collection is "no boys", I don't even have any male action figures.

    I think that Mattel really is running out of ideas, in fact I have a feeling that later this year the Monster high dolls will start to die down. Only because of the theme of the next line of monsters, and everybody saying it's no good. I think Mattel brought the"Ever after high" dolls just so people would buy them instead of Monster high. Sorry if I said too much there :P.

    1. Ah yes I really hate strangers flirting with me, it makes me embarrassed.

      The heath sculpture will not be displayed with my Abbey because I don't really care for it. The only boy Monster High doll I have is Gill, but I can't stand Heath's character, so I didn't get him.

      I never though of Ever After High being their replacement, but that makes sense that they would try to cash in on the fairy tale theme while it's popular. Monster High appeals to me more than Ever After High, even though I love fairy tales none of the characters appeal to me yet like Monster High's have. It's too bad if Monster High dies soon, but I still see them flying off of the shelves here, so I think they still have a little while longer to go.

  4. I simply love the monster high accessories!
    this one even comes with a chainsaw!! :D

    I've read the comments of the other readers,
    I dont really think MH is going to end that soon,maybe after another 5 years or so,but not any sooner I think...

    I'm guessing that people think of it that way is because they notice the quality drop in theses dolls.For instance,we can use your doll as an example of the quality drop,Old MH dolls used to have really accurate details/paint on their accessories but recently they were just molded from 1 color of plastic and not even bother to add paint.Also if you haven't seen the box and you've only saw the doll,one would assume that she is from the budget line...

    sorry for the rant,but I just had to say it

    Random note:
    people actually carve ice with chainsaws

  5. I absolutely love! I just bought a new doll from Maru and Friends, and its one of the most amazing dolls I've ever owned...Maybe do a review ? :)