Monday, December 23, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I apologize that I haven't been writing much lately, but the thing is I haven't really bought any new dolls lately. I've been actually trying to pack up my old Monster High dolls to leave at my parents house for when I move out soon. I also made the tough decision of which Lagoona and Abbey doll I want to bring to Florida with me since I don't really want my room to be over crowded with dolls since I'll be living in someone else's house for a little while.

In other new though, the Disney Store has recently released a toddler doll for Kristoff from Frozen and also Tinker Bell, so expect to see reviews of them soon once I get my hands on them. I'd also like to get the singing Anna and Elsa dolls eventually too. I also will be getting a new American Girl doll soon, either on Christmas or soon after. So I will have things to review again soon!

I have been taking pictures of my American Girl dolls over the last month, so I'll be sharing some of those today.

A couple of week ago I took Kirsten out to an abandoned farm in a near by town. I always pass this old farm and always said I'd love to take Kirsten's pictures there, so I finally did!

Here's Kirsten in front of an old barn. There was still straw in there and probably more that I couldn't see through the crack in the door.

Standing in some grass in front of a fence.

In front of an old door to a shed.

Next to the farm is an old school house that Kirsten just had to get her picture with. It's owned by a club in town that has put a modern sign on the front that ruins the historic feel to it though.

And lastly here she is by a tree in the front yard. The white building in the background is the farmhouse. I had to peek into the windows while I was there and there is still furniture in there. There's also still curtains and decorations in the windows. I'm guessing it must of belonged to an elderly person who passed. I have more pictures of her around the farm on my flickr account if any readers are interested in seeing more.

Next up is Felicity. I recently won her Muff, Mitts, and Pattens on eBay for a really good price and was really excited about it because it completed my winter outfit for her. I had her Christmas gown and red cloak from when I was a girl but not got them for some reason. So when it snowed last week I had to rush her outside to get some pictures.

You can see the pattens on her feet in this picture. I think the color of her dress and cloak look great against the snow.

Here she is sitting on the bricks. You can see the bottoms of her pattens nicely from this angle. I honestly can't imagine clomping around in those things every day during the winter even though I'm sure they did help a lot from getting your feet cold and wet.

And one last picture of her. I wish Mattel still made such cool accessory sets for the historical dolls. I love their winter collections because of stuff like Felicity's pattens and Kirsten's snow shoes.

Last night I was bored and decided to take some pictures of Kit in her Christmas dress by our tree. This is one of my favorite outfits on her. I love the Scotty dog pin and hair bow especially.

With and with out her Amelia Earhart doll.

I wanted to try to get her to look like she was playing with her but it was hard enough trying to get her to sit without falling backwards because of how loose her limbs are.

This one is kind of cute. Amelia looks like she's gazing at Kit.

And here she is helping decorate the tree with a tiny blown glass angel ornament.

I had to edit one of these to look like an old polaroid picture!

That's all! There's no great places to take pictures of Josefina around here this time of year but don't think she isn't well loved by me! :)

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas or had a lovely Winter Solstice or Hanakkuh or whatever you celebrate this time of year, even if you're non-religious like me! I'll have another review sometime soon!


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