Sunday, December 29, 2013

American Girl: Caroline Abbott Doll and Accessories

I recently got back into collecting American Girl dolls and their things last July. It was a little strange to see new historical dolls that replaced my beloved childhood characters like Felicity and Kirsten. I quickly got over that though and started to love the new characters. Caroline was one of the new girls that caught my eye right away. I love her time period and the nautical theme to her collection. I read all of her available books that are out right now, and I fell in love with her character even more.

For Christmas this year, I had asked my mother to get me a gift card from American Girl so I could go pick out Caroline at the store. Instead my mom decided to buy her for me so I'd be more surprised. A couple of weeks ago my mom and brother had stopped at the store on the way home from a doctor's appointment in Boston so she could pick her out for me. Much to my brother's dismay, she had about five Carolines spread out on the floor so she could find one with the best face and wig for me. I think she did a pretty good job myself and I love my new doll!

Monday, December 23, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I apologize that I haven't been writing much lately, but the thing is I haven't really bought any new dolls lately. I've been actually trying to pack up my old Monster High dolls to leave at my parents house for when I move out soon. I also made the tough decision of which Lagoona and Abbey doll I want to bring to Florida with me since I don't really want my room to be over crowded with dolls since I'll be living in someone else's house for a little while.

In other new though, the Disney Store has recently released a toddler doll for Kristoff from Frozen and also Tinker Bell, so expect to see reviews of them soon once I get my hands on them. I'd also like to get the singing Anna and Elsa dolls eventually too. I also will be getting a new American Girl doll soon, either on Christmas or soon after. So I will have things to review again soon!

I have been taking pictures of my American Girl dolls over the last month, so I'll be sharing some of those today.