Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monster High: I Love Fashion Scarah Screams

So I recently went to Toys R Us to find my 5 year old cousin a birthday gift, and as you can guess I couldn't go into there without buying something for myself. While I was there, they had a discount on Monster High dolls so I thought it was a good time to buy myself someone new. After going up and down the doll aisles of Toys R Us, I finally settled on I Love Fashion Scarah Screams. It was a close call though since they had the Ever After High Ashlynn & Hunter set and a plethora of Winx Club dolls. I ultimately went with Scarah though because she was on sale and a Toys R Us exclusive and the others weren't.

Tapping into her telepathic powers.

Scarah retails for $29.99 usually but with the sale I got her for around $23. Since she's part of the I Love Fashion line she's only sold at Toys R Us and she also comes with two additional outfits besides the clothes she's wearing.

Scarah was originally a background character in the Monster High webisodes but recently she got her own webisode and dolls because of her popularity with the fans. Her first doll was the 2012 Comic-Con exclusive and she came packaged with another character named Hoodude. Since she was only available at SDCC her secondary market price is insane and obtaining her was out of the question for me. So when it was announced she'd included in the second wave of I Love Fashion I was very happy because it meant I could have my own Scarah doll.

Scarah is the daughter of the banshee and has telepathic powers. Her most defining feature is her white eyes. On the show she speaks with a light Irish accent and is more reserved because of her abilities and others' fear of her. In case of you're unaware of what banshees are they are from Irish mythology and are  female spirits or fairies who are an omen of death when seen. They wail when someone is about to die and their screams can shatter glass.

Since I love Irish folklore I had to have her. I remember my mom telling me about them when I was little and other Irish creatures because my great grand parents were from Ireland.

Here are some photos of her box details that are of course full of puns. Her symbol is of a retro 60's ghoul screaming. It reminds me a bit of Edvard Munch's The Scream painting.

The back of her box is fairly simple. It features artwork of Scarah and a blurb about her.

More puns for your enjoyment.
Scarah in her mod get up.

Staring into your soul, maybe.
Scarah's eyes make her very recognizable as she's the only Monster High doll lacking pupils and irises. I think this makes her one of Monster High's creepier dolls but that makes me love her even more. She has mint green skin similar to Frankie Stein's. Her make up is fairly simple and she has silver eyeshadow and baby pink lips.

Scarah's style is 1960's mod inspired. She comes dressed in a pink shirt, black shorts, white pleather coat, and white go-go boots. It actually reminds me of a lot of Bratz Flashback Fever Jade, a doll from my childhood I pined after but never got. I think Scarah is a great substitute for Jade.

My favorite outfit she comes with is a metallic green halter dress. It's similar to her signature outfit which is nice since the SDCC doll came wearing that.

Her third outfit is a pink, black, green, and white tunic and printed leggings.

Her spare shoes are a set of silver stilettos and a pair of green wedges.

Scarah on her cardboard out of the box. I also accidentally turned on my flash at this point, so excuse the shininess of the next several photos.

A better look at Scarah before she's let loose.

And here she is free from her box.

I've really warmed up to her unique face. She'd be quite boring without the white eyes.

She comes with a pair of big white sunglasses sewn into her hair.

She has jet black hair cut in choppy layers. It was quite messy directly out of the box.

I ran my wig brush through it and it made it look a bit nicer. I even got it to flip out a bit at the ends like her box art. It's smooth and silky though so I can't complain too much.

Her pink shirt has a green and black skullette pattern on it. She also has a black necklace in the shape of atoms or chemical bonds. Reminds me of how much I hated chemistry in high school.

She comes wearing a pair of white go-go boots that have silver zippers on the inside.

On her left wrist she has four green and white bangles.

And on her right wrist is a pink and black bracelet.

Her purse looks like a green and white version of Frankie's bag to me.

Scarah's other outfits and accessories that were in her box. I was happy she came with a stand.

 I took some photos of her quickly before I cut of all of the clear ties and pulls. That belt will never sit nicely again.

Her outfit without the jacket. I think it kind of looses is uniqueness without the coat.

Shoot not again.
Those removable arms came in handy for removing and putting on the jacket. At first I was wondering how I was going to get that coat off over her hands and bracelets but then I remembered her arms come apart. Can you tell I don't usually redress my MH dolls?

Scarah has the usual size Monster High body.

She has an extreme curve to her back and her arms are removable at the elbow and wrists.

Her knees are also jointed.

I was excited to get her in my favorite dress of hers. The necklace is separate from the dress.

I was guessing that her green wedges went with this dress. She can't balance too well in them.

 I love how this dress looks with the white boots.

 It doesn't look too bad with the silver heels either.

They don't fit too well with the tights, but I think I was trying to put them on the wrong feet haha. Once I realized that it was too late.

So I put the boots on with the tights instead.

And the whole look with the coat. Of course she can't move her arms too well in the plastic jacket.

Lastly I tried on her third outfit. It's probably my least favorite of her outfits but it's not too bad.

I put the atom necklace on her again.

The tunic came with a white belt to jazz it up a bit more. I don't like how busy this outfit looks, between the different prints on the shirt and the ripped pattern on the tights.

The pattern on the tights make it look like they're ripped. Since the "holes'' are colored green they'd only work well on Scarah and Frankie. There's a couple of skulletes on the tights too since that's MH's logo. I'm glad they went with patterned tights instead of actual ripped tights because I don't think they would last too long if there constantly coming on and off the doll.

One side of her tunic has a multicolored safety pin pattern, while the other has a black and grey skullette pattern. A pink stripe divides it in the middle. The back is also completely pink.

I took the tights off to try on her silver shoes. I think the tunic is a bit short to be worn without the tights.

A closer look at her heels. They have a marbley look to them.

The tunic and tights look a little more 60's to me with the coat and boots. Without them it screams 1980's to me.

I decided this wasn't the outfit I wanted to display her in. She could sit nicely and not flash anyone with the tights on though.


It's probably not too big of a surprise but the final outfit she ended up in was her green halter dress. I later added to coat to it too.

Here she is with my other ghosties, Spectra daughter of the ghosts and Twyla daughter of the Bogey Man. I think these three would be good friends. I then had fun editing the picture to make it look more scary.

50's rockabilly and 60's mod.
She also had to get her picture taken with the 50's rockabilly ghoul, Operetta.

Overall I really like Scarah even if her hair is a bit messy but that can be fixed. I do wish her hair was a bit more set and curled at the bottom like her SDCC doll though. I love her vintage inspired fashion and all of the outfits she came with and her monster heritage but she doesn't have the most amazing outfits or details that Monster High is famous for. I think she'd be fun for children because of all of the different mix and match potential though. I also think at her regular price she's a good deal because of all the extras she comes with but I was very happy to get her on sale. She's a good addition to my collection and I'm glad I bought her when I did.

Tomorrow I'm going to American Girl Place Boston so I'll put together a trip report about that!

Thanks for reading! :)



  1. Man, you made me want her even more! And I noticed you wrote "Spoopy" instead of "Spooky". My cousin pointed it out, actually.

    1. She is fabulous! Yes I wrote ''Spoopy" on purpose. It's a joke on Tumblr.

  2. Ahhh very nice shots ^^ Scarah is my favorite monster, so unique style ^^ After washing, her hair looks very good !

    1. Oh thank you for telling me! I'll have to give her hair a good wash now.

  3. I really like the eyes on this doll. The final outfit you decided to put her in, that is what I would have her wearing too.