Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disney Store Limited Edition 17" Anna and Elsa Dolls

Well if you've been reading my blog for a while you know I collect the Limited Edition dolls the Disney Store releases. So when Anna and Elsa were announced, I had to have them for my collection. They were put on sale on the website at 12 am Pacific time on November 20th, so like I usually do I set my alarm for 3 am Eastern time. They both sold out within 17 minutes of release and before they even officially appeared on the website. Thanks to some other doll collectors who know how to magically find their pages , I was able to get my set! They both are Limited Edition of 2500 each but when you factor in the amount they had to send to the physical stores and over seas market, there was far less than that on the website for sale.

The Disney Store also released a set of each of the sisters together for Harrod's in the UK. The set was Limited Edition of 100 and retailed for £500. There are minor differences between the set and the separate versions of the dolls. The Harrod's set has more embroidery on the gowns and the Elsa doll has a pearly finish to her skin and an extra crystal snowflake in her hair. Anna though only has freckles on her shoulders besides the additional details on her gown. You can see a picture of them here. Like other collectors, I'm not happy with Disney for releasing this set because it's like they think we will mindlessly buy anything even if they asking such a ridiculous price for minor differences in details. It also devalues the LE 2500 versions and makes me worry what they'll try to pull for future releases.

So I ordered my dolls and my order went through okay and I never received a cancellation email for my order. I was worried about this because of how quickly they sold out. So I was in the clear. So I waited and waited for a shipping confirmation as I read others were receiving theirs from the company. Well I never got one. So I was worried my order was screwed up but I decided to give it until after the weekend until I started contacting them. Well Monday evening rolled around and I still didn't have one, so I called customer service and talked to someone. She told me everything was fine and my order was still processing, which I already knew since I can view that myself. I wasn't expecting much since their customer service is located in California while their warehouse they ship from is in Memphis. Well Tuesday night I went to see the movie finally, and it was awesome! So I came home that evening to see a big brown box waiting for me! Elsa was inside and I was so relieved that my order really was fine. Anna arrived the next afternoon on Wednesday. I was so happy I had them, but my order still read as processing. Well low and behold on Wednesday night the Disney Store finally sent me an email telling me they had shipped! I was so angry that they told me so late! I spent around $260 on their merchandise because I also ordered some Christmas ornaments along side the dolls, and they couldn't have told me they shipped any sooner?

Anyways let's get to the dolls themselves.

Anna on the left, Elsa on the right.
Here they are in their boxes. If you read my review of my Ariel doll, you know I don't debox these dolls. Even though I never plan on selling them, the boxes really add so much to their value, never mind their boxes are absolutely beautiful!

I love how they are positioned so it looks like they are looking at each other when they are put next to each other.

The bottom of their boxes each features their name and that there are only 2500 made of each.

Anna's box has mainly purple accents and is decorated in patterns resembling rosemaling. 

While Elsa's box is decorated in light blues in wintery patterns and snowflakes.

The suggested age range is decorated with a symbol that represents each sister well.

The top of their boxes have a fancy cut out so you can see the tops of their heads.

 The sides of their boxes also have cut outs with beautiful designs. I love how Elsa's looks like a part of a snowflake.

The back of their boxes are also similar. They have a similar description and a silhouette of each girl.

The descriptions on the box. If you click on the picture you should be able to view them larger.

The silhouettes of Anna and Elsa. I find it interesting Anna's silhouette is of her in her travel gear while the doll is dressed in her coronation outfit.

They each retailed for $99.95.

Here's Anna without the screen and outer covering of her box. I love that they put her in her coronation dress! It's my favorite of her dresses they market her in and I would go as far to say it's my favorite Disney dress yet. I've always dreamed of wearing a dress similar to this if I were a princess.

Anna's bodice is made from black velvet and is trimmed with green satin. The rosemaling embroidery is decorated with rhinestones.

Her sleeves are made of green satin and are off the shoulder. They are even trimmed with matching lace.

She wears a black choker with a gold pendant. The gold pendant has a flower design similar to the one featured on her packaging. It reminds me of a tulip or lotus blossom.

Her green skirt is very intricate and detailed. The base is a green satin with olive green box pleats.

The pleats have more embroidered rosemaling which are finished with matching rhinestones.

The bottom is lined with light green lace that matches the pleats.

Anna herself is beautiful and has bright blue eyes with rooted eyelashes.

Anna's face is dusted with light freckles all over.

She even has them on her ears!

Her carrot orange hair still seems a little bright to me compared to the strawberry blonde or light auburn shade Anna had in the movie. Anyways, it's styled in a similar fashion to how it was during the coronation in the movie. Her bangs are curled and frame her face nicely but my camera kept focusing on them when I was trying to take pictures of her face. :)

There's a smaller braid around the front of her head and a thicker braid around the crown of her head. Her important white streak of hair is also present on the doll.

The rest of hair is styled into a curly ponytail with green ribbon hidden in it. This differs from the bun she had in the movie but I understand why they went with the pony tail instead. If the doll had the small bun you might not be able to see it in the box.

Her hairstyle looks cute from the top too.

Another thing I wanted to point out was the beautiful concept art used for the background of the box. It shows Arendelle in the spring or summer and is very reminiscent of Mary Blair's artwork. You can see the full version here. The one next to it is used in Elsa's box.

My Anna is number 927.

Here's a comparison of her next to the classic doll. Right off of the bat you can tell LE Anna's freckles are much fainted and more natural looking. She also has them all over her face while the classic doll only has them on her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. I prefer the LE Anna's freckles and general face overall. Classic Anna is still adorable though and I think portrays the goofiness of the character very well, while LE Anna is more beautiful.

Their eyes also seem to be different colors. LE Anna's are more blue while the classic Anna's have more green in them. I prefer the turquoise color of classic Anna's more. I think they match the character in the movie more and are a lovely color.

They both seem to have the same shade of red hair and their smiles are very similar.

If you couldn't tell yet I really love this doll and she has moved her way into one of my favorites in my collection. I love how her red hair looks with the greens used in her dress and she looks very beautiful. Anna in this dress is a visual opposite of her sister. She looks warm and vibrant and embodies the sunny days of summer or the first days of spring after a long winter. Even though her hair isn't styled exactly as it was in the movie she's still wonderful to me. She'd be absolutely perfect if she had freckles on her shoulders like the Harrod's version.

Elsa is next and is a stunner like her little sister.

Elsa comes dressed in her light blue ice gown she wears for most of the movie and is marketed in.

The bodice is decorated in crystals and light blue rhinestones.

The neckline is decorated in light blue rhinestones that also extend to the sleeves.

Her cape is patterned with shiny blue snowflakes that have more rhinestones on them.

The bottom of her sparkly cape is embroidered with snowflakes and crystals.

A better look at the snowflakes.

Her sleeves are sheer and end in points.

Her shoes are amazing and look like the ones she wore in the movie. I couldn't get a good picture of them in her box but you can see them in all of their glory here.

Elsa is gorgeous! She has faint freckles across her cheeks and deep red lips. Her icy blue eyes are framed in thick eyelashes.

Look at that pretty face!

Her platinum hair is braided over her shoulder and decorated with two crystal bead snowflakes.

The snowflakes up close. They are bendy like LE Cinderella's beaded headband.

Her loose wisp is also present on the doll.

Her background is also concept art of Arendelle in the winter with the fjords and green northern lights behind it.

My Elsa is 1436.

Here's LE Elsa compared to classic Elsa. LE Elsa's skin doesn't seem so purple in person like the classic doll's, though you can't see what I'm really talking about in photos. LE Elsa also has freckles where as the classic Elsa doesn't. LE Elsa also has lighter eyebrows. They both have similar smiles.

I honestly don't know whose face I prefer more because I love both. LE Elsa is very powerful and sexy looking I feel like, while classic Elsa is very sweet and gentle like she's looking tenderly at her little sister. I do like all of the details on LE Elsa's face though.

Elsa is gorgeous and very elegant and classy. This doll is a great reflection of what she looked like in the film and I think dress captures the beauty of the one she created herself unlike the classic doll's. While her sister is more optimistic and bright, Elsa is more cool and mature and I think this doll shows that. She of course looks very wintery and with the dark background paired with her reminds me of a snowy winter night. It's hard for me to pick a favorite between her and Anna's doll because they truly look like opposites and I love that about them. Anna just barely wins for me though because I love the way her hair looks with her dress and how earthy she looks, if that makes since. They compliment each other well and look beautiful together.


These two lovely ladies are great addition to my collection! I hope to one day have all of the princesses in this series all lined up on a wall of shelves together. I also really loved their movie and suggest you go see it for yourself!

Thank you for reading!



  1. These are amazingly gorgeous! I'm impressed. (I sorta stumbled here on accident :))

    1. I think they are really gorgeous too! I love them. :)

  2. They're gorgeous!!! I have both dolls, too!!! Has sought trouble in getting Elsa in from the Disney Store Warehouse, but she arrived safe and sound. Are you get the next two coming out? LE Elsa (Coronation) & LE Anna (Snow Gear)?

    1. So glad you were able to get her! And yes I have those two pre-ordered. I can't wait to get them!

  3. The Harrods Anna has freckles going down her shoulders and top of her back and also correct undergarments (long bloomers) and the Elsa has a longer dress that goes to say a circle whereas the normal release is straight when the dress has been removed, I hope that makes sense, I'm not sure how to word it.

    They are such amazing dolls, I manged to get both too, I can't wait for the next ones to come out! :D hopefully they won't try and up the price to £80 on the UK site again!

    Great blog :)


    2. Interesting, thank you for the photos!

  4. What kind of lighting did you use for your photos? They are so nice!

    1. I take my pictures generally on sunny days on a white sheet underneath a window. I also have the over head light on too. I do brighten up my photos and saturate them on because sometimes they can turn out a little grey looking depending on the time of day and weather etc.

  5. Beautiful references :) thanks very much for uploading your photos n.n

  6. What beautiful pics! What kind of camera do you use? Perhaps you have a future in photography.

    1. Thank you! I use a Nikon D3100. And I wouldn't mind being a photographer but I don't really like to take pictures for other people and would rather do stock photos or something.

      I can't wait to get my dolls in March! I'll definitely do a review on them too.

    2. It is important that one has a passion for their life's work:) I wish you all the best in your endeavors! I am waiting to receive my March sisters as well and can't wait to see your rendition of them.

  7. I can't wait till you upload your pics in March.

  8. How do you magically get to the pages before the dolls are officially on sale - I have had no luck purchasing the LE dolls online

    1. There's groups on facebook for Disney doll collectors and some of the members are very computer savvy and are able to decode the links before they are posted live because Disney will automatically put them on sale at 12 pacific, but it may take them longer to make the pages public. Anyway these people will share the links for everyone. I personally go on, and they have a separate section for dolls instead of pins and some of the members there will post them when there's a release. I've never missed out on any of the more sought out dolls that way.

  9. Oh they are beautiful!! No wonder I' didn't see them at my disney store...

  10. Firstly.. great review of the doll.. for someone like me, who will never own them (Me and my son love the movie...but not really dolls), great to see them in all the detail.

    Just want to pass some information on.. if you want to UPDATE your blog a little :)

    The background, on BOTH the boxes, are done by Brittney Lee.
    She is one of the concept artists for the movie, did a lot of work on Elsa's final design. Her work can be found on lots of the merchandise like the current Mugs, etc.
    The two backgrounds, are some of her 'rosemaling' work done for the movie.. (she did some in movie as well as just concept).
    You can see the two backgrounds on her blog post here:
    About 1/2 way down :)

  11. Hi heather... I am a a huge disney princess fan, and have just gotten into the hobby of collecting their limited edition dolls,I have ways to go) I have now missed 3 limited edition sales on the disney website... :( is there any but of advice you could give me to better my chances? If it's private here's my email

    1. Hi Amy! I noticed a lot of people seem to be interested in this, so I plan on writing a post about what I do and how I get my dolls each time. Hopefully I'll get it written in the next few days.

    2. Heather that would be really awesome!!! Thank you so much!

  12. omg tonight im going to try to get elsa >.< a bit expensive but they are so pretty.

  13. Where can I buy this elsa doll?

  14. Where is your review on the LE coronation Elsa and Snow gear Anna?

  15. thank you for sharing.

  16. JEALOUS! I really want Anna, but eBay's $3000 seems a tad steep, don't'cha think? *rolls eyes*

  17. Can I be honest?
    I think the details are amazing, really, but I hate how companies never make the actual face.
    These two could have just walked out of the movie Mean Girls.
    They look like they're mean. Why?
    Try googling Elsa face repaints. She has such a nice and caring/worrying face, why don't they put that on the dolls? Because it's cheaper?
    I've been complaining on the dollfaces since I could talk and held my Ariel-doll. There was only one doll that actually looked like her.

  18. Hello there,
    I currently own a Disney Store Frozen Limited Edition Princess Anna Doll: 17" LE 2500, and I would like to sell it to anyone interested. It was originally bought at a Disney Store in London.
    The box is in a great condition, the doll is not still tied to the box as originally packed. The doll come with the authenticity certificate. Please feel free to contact me through this email address for anyone interested
    Thank you

  19. Hello!
    I currently own a Disney Store Frozen Limited Edition Princess Anna Doll: 17" LE 2500, and I would like to sell it to anyone interested. It was originally bought at a Disney Store in London.
    The box is in a great condition, the doll is not still tied to the box as originally packed. The doll come with the authenticity certificate. Please feel free to contact me through this email address for anyone interested
    Thank you