Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disney Store Anna and Elsa Toddler Dolls

When the Disney Store introduced their line of 16'' dolls of the Disney Princesses re-imagined as toddlers by the Walt Disney animators during the holiday season of 2011, they pleased not only princess loving girls but also collectors. With their adorable wide eyed expressions and tubby tummies, it's not hard to see why so many love the baby versions of the beloved princesses. Since they have been so successful, the Disney Store has also released Merida from Brave when her movie premiered and now they have released Anna and Elsa from Frozen, which is being released later this month. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a small girl carrying one with ratty hair while visiting Disney World, so it's no surprise they have decided to add the newest princesses to the line.

I was first introduced to line when I visited Walt Disney World in the fall of 2011 and saw them in the gift shops in the parks and hotels. I of course had to buy my favorite princess, Ariel, while I was there and the rest soon followed afterwards. Now I have thirteen 16'' adorable baby princesses crowded into my bedroom. The original line includes Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel. Merida was released in the spring of 2012 to coincide with the release of her movie in June, but was called a toddler doll instead of an animator doll because she wasn't designed by one of the animators. When Cinderella was released on Blu-Ray last fall, they released a deluxe gift set that included the doll and extra outfits and some plastic props. Creating a pattern, this fall they released a deluxe set with Ariel and a bathtub and extra outfits. They also recently retired the first wave of dolls and re-released them with glitter this time and without a plush of their sidekicks. Some have new outfits while others remain virtually unchanged, like Ariel and Pocahontas.

Now that you know the history of the line, let's move on to Anna and Elsa!

Excuse my wrinkled sheet.

Anna and Elsa are packaged in slim boxes that have a similar design to the other toddler dolls and also the rest of the Disney Store's Frozen collection.

In the bottom left hand corner is clip art of adult Anna and Elsa from the movie. I think it would of been cute to show them as toddlers because I know they are shown as little girls during the movie and the dolls designs are taken from that segment. They seemed to have taken the cheaper route with their packaging because it generally the same for all of their dolls and other items. Oh well, I'm just going to rip it up anyways.

The sides and tops of their boxes feature the flowery rosemaling found in their character designs and merchandise.

Nope not too many choking hazards here. I just imagine that hair would be a wreck in about 30 minutes.

The back of their boxes are the same.

This phrase is featured on the back of their boxes. It was also on the box for my D23 ornament of the two sisters. I think it's really sweet and fits the movie well.

Anna has a sweet, dreamy expression on her face. She almost looks a little sad to me, though not as sad as Pocahontas.

Elsa also has a friendly expression but looks a little more mature than her little sister,

Anna and Elsa are glancing in the opposite direction so it looks like they're exchanging looks. They also come in similar dresses in different colors. Anna warm hair color and green dress remind me of summer time while Elsa's white hair and blue tones in her dress remind me of winter. I think that was the intention and why the character artists designed them that way.

I decided to de-box Anna first because I was more excited about her.

Anna comes wearing a green folk looking dress, tights, and flats.

I just love her adorable little face. She looks like such a little sweetheart. I didn't notice it while I was picking her out but her right eye has a white spot in the pupil that bothers me. I was so focused on picking the one with the best hair I didn't study her face too closely! I think I can cover it easily with sharpie though. 

She has rosy cheeks and freckles across her nose and cheeks.

Anna has bright orange hair. She seems more of a strawberry blonde in the movie to me but the Disney Store chose a more true ginger color for her dolls.

She has wavy bangs that are curled under.

Her two little bunches look like buns but they're actually two very short pony tails curled under and secured with black ribbons. I love how short they are but wouldn't imagine they'd look too nice down.

Anna's dress looks like a jumper with a blouse underneath but is one piece of course. I love the traditional Scandinavian pattern on her dress.

Her skirt is colored to look like two separate layers. The floral pattern on the hem reminds me of tulips.

Her black flats coordinate with her dress and they also have the tulips on them.

She has a pair of stretchy cream tights underneath her dress. You can see her green painted underwear peeking through.

The back of her dress closes with velcro but my Anna's dress seems to have faulty velcro and it doesn't close. The fake sash around the waist is closed in the back with a big bow.


Anna's dress is made from a silky, shiny fabric,

Anna has the same body has the other toddler dolls. It's very chunky and child like. This the part where my father walked in and asked me why I was taking pictures of naked dolls.

Her little pot belly.

The black part of her dress has bled and stained her vinyl.

Her green undies and little belly button.

They don't sit very lady like but luckily she's wearing tights.

I decided to have her try on Kit's Birthday Dress but as you can see it didn't really fit.

Although American Girls are 18'' tall I didn't think the height difference would be too much of a difference but as you can see the dress was very long and loose on her. It was very baggy through the shoulders and waist.

I decided to compare Anna to one of my American Girl dolls, Josefina. The height difference certainly seems greater than just two inches. The Disney Store website lists Anna as 16'' high, and American Girls are 18'' of course.  Comparing the two you can certainly see why Kit's dress didn't fit her and the bodies are much smaller than American Girl dolls'. 

I took Anna's big sister out next.

Elsa comes in a dress that's the same cut as Anna's. She also has flats and tights too.

Unlike her 12'' doll she has freckles, though her's are more sparse than her sister's.

Her platinum hair is pulled back with a black ribbon headband. She has side swept bangs poking out.

Her hair is done into a french braid. It's also super silky and soft and doesn't have any gel in it so I was careful not to mess it up because it could easily fall out. I also have to admit I don't know how to french braid. I know, I know, I'm a crappy girl.

Instead of flowers Elsa's dress has a folk looking snowflake pattern with cranberry trim.

The bottom of Elsa's dress has black band decorated with light blue snowflakes. I really like the way the blue looks with the cranberry color.

Elsa also has black flats but hers have matching snowflakes.

The back of her dress also has a big navy bow.

Elsa has dark blue underwear. I forgot to take a picture of her light blue tights but they aren't anything fancy anyways.

Elsa's profile.

Elsa from the front.

 I wanted to take some pictures of the sisters and their adult counterparts.

Toddler Elsa seems to have a different shade of platinum that I prefer. It looks less brassy and more like how it does in the movie compared to the classic doll's hair.

A comparison of their skirts.

I don't know if it's the way their heads are tilted or what, but when you put them next to each other Elsa looks taller than Anna making her look older. I love little details like this.

Overall I really love these two. I think they retail for $25 each but once they get old enough will go on sale with the rest of the toddler dolls. These two were probably one of the things I was looking forward to the most of the Frozen merchandise that was released at the Disney Store. I really love this line of dolls and think they're so much nicer than the other ones you can buy at Toys R Us and other stores.

I'm really sorry that all I've been reviewing lately is Frozen dolls haha. That should end once I get my Limited Edition ones and singing dolls. My next review should be up soon and will be of Scarah Screams who I picked up at Toys R Us this afternoon.



  1. So great! We just met Anna and Elsa at Disneyland for the first time today. We got our first Animators Collection doll like last week too, Aurora(the first gen one).

    1. Ah I'm so jealous! I'm a five year old when it comes to meeting the characters and it's one of my favorite things to do while I'm in the parks.

      I love Aurora! I love that she's wearing her Briar Rose outfit, so she was one of my first ones after Ariel. Have fun with her!

    2. I have a 2 year old so I asked them to introduce themselves to her. I'm super excited because it'll be her first new Disney Princess movie to see in the theater.

      I also saw a little girl yesterday at Disneyland sitting in a stroller, holding toddler Elsa(out of box).

  2. They are so cute!! At first I wasn't exactly sold on these ones, even though I LOVE the animator's collection...But after seeing them deboxed, I may have to get these two cuties sometime!! :D

    1. Yes definitely! They're just as great as the Animator's Collection quality wise, and they look like the belong in it!

  3. I just went onto the Disney store and they didn't have either of the sisters. They only had the 10 newly dressed princesses. I'm super glad I got a first wave Aurora and Merida before they discontinued them for the 2nd wave. I'm going to Disney in Florida this month do you think the sisters are only going to be sold in parks right now?

    1. Hi, Shannon! They're listed underneath the Frozen merchandise and not the Animator's Collection. I'm looking at the website now and they're still there. I'm sure they'll have them at the parks too.

  4. Just to be clear, these are NOT from the same "Animators Collection." They are similar in style and size, but they are not from the actual collection.

  5. You should do a review on the new Kristoff toddler animator doll. XD I was so excited when I heard that they finally made one of a disney prince! They should really do the rest of the princes. :D I would buy em all! Except Smith, cause bleh! X3

  6. I can't find where buy it.
    Help, please!

  7. Where can I buy this? Do you know?

  8. where can i buy this?????????????????????????????? do you know everybody????????

  9. Where can i buy one and how much

  10. Where can I buy this dolls at?? Plz someone tell me

    1. Where can you buy these dolls at? I can't find them ANYWHERE. I even looked on disney stores.

  11. Actually, the dolls I bought DID have the young Anna and Elsa on the front, as well as sketches of them as kids all around the box, like every other Disney Animator's Collection dolls they have :3 Maybe that's just because of where you bought them from? Also, I've been really tempted to take Elsa's braid out (I adore it SO MUCH but I'd love to see her with other styles), but should I risk it, or not? Please help x3

    1. You have the re-released versions. The original ones weren't part of the Animator's collection. It's up to you to take out her braid but usually they root the hair so it only covers the scalp when it's braided, so it may look weird down.

  12. SUPER CUTE DOLLS!!!! Do you know the difference between Anna & Elsa Toddler dolls and "Disney Animator Dolls"? I mean other than the obvious box of course- which DAD are awesome!!!!!!! Anyway, are the dolls different in slight details? Like Limited Elsa & Anna versions of 2500 Vs. the Harrods version?

  13. Have they been discontinued or something?

  14. They're adorable!

  15. Where can I get these from? My nearest Disney store recently closed down and I am in the UK BTW. Please reply.....

    1. You can buy them online on Amazon (though they are much more expensive), Ebay and the online Disney Store. I am also in the UK.

  16. This post just made me smile at a time when I really needed it. I have this Anna doll and love her. I am a doll fan generally and have mostly American Girl dolls (nearly all are BeForever and Girls of The Year) and a few gorgeous reborn baby girls. I also have a few character Barbies, primarily for their gorgeous costumes (Glinda, Snow White, etc). Dolly on!