Friday, November 15, 2013

American Girl Place Boston November 2013

Ever since I visited American Girl Place in New York City last August, I've been eagerly waiting to take a trip to American Girl Place in Boston. I only got to visit the one in NYC briefly because of the people I was with and didn't really get to spend the time looking around like I wanted to because I felt rushed. Not to mention it was on a weekend during summer vacation and I could barley move it was so crowded. So my mother and I decided we would take a trip together to the one in Boston once school started again because it's only about an hours drive from us. Well my mom had injured her back sometime after that and had surgery, so we had to put our trip off a little longer.

Now that my mom is feeling better we finally took our trip yesterday and I have to say it was honestly the most fun I've had in a while. We left at about 9:30 am and arrived at around 10:45 after stopping at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

AG Place Boston is technically not in Boston, which is fine with me honestly. If you ever have been you'll know how hectic and stressful it can be driving into Boston, especially on a week day with all of the work traffic. It's located at the Natick Mall, an upscale shopping mall in Natick, which is just outside of Boston. I've always loved shopping at the Natick Mall, and it would be perfect if they never took out their Disney Store a couple of years ago. It has luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and other things I could maybe afford if I didn't spend all of my extra money on dolls, dresses, and shoes. On the other end of the mall it also has more affordable stores you could find in most malls like Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, etc.

Although American Girl is located at the mall and the stores is on the outside of the mall, there's no way to get into the store from the mall. So I suggest parking in front of it if you visit it especially during the colder months. It'll save you time walking outside to it. This can be a blessing if you're visiting the mall for just AG itself, as it keeps mall traffic from just wondering in and looking around and taking up precious space. But if you would like to do other shopping as well it's a bit of a pain.

 The first thing I saw when I got close enough was a cute holiday concert display. Boy would I love to have get paid to set up the different displays and dress and style the dolls' hair.

The other window display I saw featured the new Fair Isle Sweater outfit and the Snowgirl set. I love all of the clothes in the display but don't collect for the modern girls.

At this point I wanted to get inside quickly after walking through the parking lot because it was a chilly morning and I don't handle the cold to well. So I apologize for not looking in the other windows.

Inside the hallway were shadow boxes featuring Molly and Emily in their Christmas dresses and a My American Girl and Bitty Baby in this year's Sparkle Party outfit. I loved the MyAG doll and Bitty Baby they chose because they looked like sisters and I thought that was a cute touch. Ignore my reflection it was super sunny that day.

The first thing I saw when I stepped in was the mini doll display. I don't particularly care for them but they are a nice alternative to the pricey full sized dolls.

Also on the table was the Brocade Holiday Dress and the Bitty Baby Sparkle Party dress again. The Brocade Holiday Dress is my favorite of this year's holiday dresses for the 18'' dolls.

The historical dolls and Girl of the Year are on the first floor. Caroline Abbott was the first display I saw. She lives in upstate New York during the War of 1812. I love her collection and the doll herself and she's on my to buy list. Her stories are also well written and interesting.

Caroline at her table in her Birthday Dress she made. I love the scarf she has tucked into her dress. I also played with her dishes and food a bit at a different display where she wasn't behind glass. I was surprised because the dishes and silverware are made from actual metal and were quite heavy and sturdy feeling. I was expecting silver plastic for some reason. I also love her pitcher with the ship on it.

"Julie gtfo and help me wash this."
The next thing we looked at was Julie's car. My mom is the same age as Julie and was telling me how she had a terrycloth romper like Ivy's and the bandana and a patchwork outfit like Julie's. I'm so glad I never had to wear anything like that when I was ten haha.

Julie's light blue Volkswagen makes noises when you pressed the buttons on the radio and the trunk opens. It probably does more but I didn't play with it for too long. As we were looking at it, a mother on her way out who had obviously been Christmas shopping had stopped and said something along the lines of "Oh my god I think this is on their list.". She then looked at the price and laughed and said "No way.". In case if you're wondering it's $350. It's cool but not that cool.


I also saw a display of Rebecca relaxing on her settee and listening to her phonograph. Rebecca is so beautiful, I fell for her the fist time I saw her in person in August. She's also on my wish list. 

I also loved Addy's table and dishes. I love the little ice cream maker and cherry pie. She's also one of the three out of five dolls on my wants list, the other two being Kaya and Cecile.

They also had the historical dolls with their beds on display. I love Rebecca's pajamas and kittens while I loved Addy's quilt and how they had her hair braided for bed time.

Near the bed displays they had school displays. Since Caroline was home schooled by her mother they had her in her travel outfit with her travel basket. I love that little basket and the goodies inside it.

My mom and I were admiring Julie's lunch. We like the little doll sized Hostess Cupcake. I like the thermos too. I remember taking soup and Spaghetti O's in mine in first grade.

Towards the front of the store they had a display of Julie's summer outfit and picnic set. This is my favorite of Julie's outfits and I love the floppy sun hat. My mom said her family used to have a hibachi grill like that. She really likes Julie now after seeing her collection because she had a lot of similar things.

I then took pictures of all of the historical display cases. I forgot Rebecca though and that makes me sad because I didn't get that great of a look at her case. Oh well, I'll have to go back soon. ;)

Kit & Ruthie
Cecile & Marie Grace
Molly & Emily
Julie & Ivy
The displays at Boston aren't as ornate as the New York ones, but in Boston they have more room for their historical dolls, so they don't have to cram everything in one case.

You can't sit with us.

They also had a holiday dress display for the historicals out in the open to touch and play with. Poor Josefina was cast off to the side from the other girls.

They also had a display of the main historical girls together. It's hard to see the girls in the back but they're there.

In their book section they had a very large Christmas tree set up and I saw several families taking their pictures in front of it. It's so pretty, I want one for my house.

They also had a menorah set up and Rebecca with her Hanukkah set in front of it. I was really happy to see this. I think it's nice to see other holidays besides Christmas being recognized.

A small section in front of the store was dedicated to the current Girl of the Year, Saige. Her hair was looking a bit windblown in the hot air balloon. Her dog is soft unlike the pets for the modern line.

Saige's starter collection. I don't care for her parade outfit but like her other ones.

Saige's sweater outfit, art set, and dog. I think this is my favorite of all of her stuff because I enjoy creating art too.

They also had a cute display of her in her tunic outfit and picnic set. I like this outfit too and her food looks like things I'd eat.

They also had the Bitty Babies and Bitty Twins in the back on the first floor. Here's all of the different dolls. They were recently retooled and the price was increased to $80. These are my mom's favorites because she has always loved baby dolls.

 I liked this little baby peeking out of her crib. She had dark hair and blue eyes. She was so cute, she looked like a Nora to me. The little box  on the side of the crib was a nightlight that spun and light up and played music when turned on.

$30 stuffed animals. Cute, but not that cute.

The Bitty Twins display. I don't think the white twins are too cute, but I love the African American ones.

Look at those cuties!

They also had a really cute potty training set for them.

I then headed upstairs to look at the My American Girl section.

The My American Girl doll display cases.

Souvenir shirts and hats for girls and dolls.

The current pay with purchase. It's cute but I have no use for it in my collection. My mom thought it would be cute on Julie.

I had to take a picture of the doll headgear. I've been looking at and laughing about it for a couple of moths now ever since I first discovered it. It's funny to me because I sucked my thumb until I was about eleven and my dentist figured I'd need headgear eventually. Despite that my teeth are perfectly straight naturally and I never even needed braces when I was younger.

The glasses are cute and I like how they matched them to their pajamas.

They also have a crutch set and cast for the dolls and even a wheelchair.

They had another winter set up in the modern section. This time thought it featured my favorite My American Girl, #58.

Isn't she cute? I just love her. 

They also had the Campus Snack Cart set up. It was up high on a shelf though, so I couldn't play with it.

The little music books even had little real music sheets.

The rest of the musical instruments.

The new salon chair being put to good use.

The bedroom set up. I love the blue polar bear pajamas and the little party accessories. There was even a mini real Apples to Apples game for them and I got so excited about that. I accidentally dumped all of the cards on the floor though. I love playing that with my friends and putting together crude word combinations.

They had the Winter Chalet set up. I wish it was bigger so you could actually stand the doll up inside.

That looks painful.
I also saw the new bar and beam gymnastics set.

All of the pets. I love them and the little bath. I think my Coconut from when I was little is now yellow instead of white.

Meatloaf, my favorite of the pets. I'd buy him but I don't have a girl to give him to.

Bubble bath set. I think they've had this since I was little but have updated it a couple of times. I like the fake bubbles.

Falling off that horse.
Holding on for dear life.
The horse display. I think someone needs to fix the girl falling off her horse. Or maybe it's intentional.

I also like the camping set. I love the little headlamp on the girl in the green coat.

This little doll was displaying the treats you could bring home in front of the Bistro. I love the little doll size candy jars.

They also had the doors open to one of the private rooms at the Bistro to advertise the birthday parties you can have there. I thought this little doll party was too cute!

The pink hallways to the Bistro and restrooms. I love the flowery doors and the Christmas wreath that matched the tree downstairs.

They even had hooks in the bathroom to hold your dolls! So awesome.

My mom and I decided  to eat at the Bistro for lunch. Outside of it they had shelves full of chairs so your doll can sit at the table. They also have dolls you can borrow if you don't have one with you. I did bring my Kirsten with me so she could get her meet braids put back in her hair at the salon but I put her back in the car after she was finished. We didn't borrow a doll either. ;) 

The table setting was cute and very pink of course. 

The center pieces were also cute doll sized watering cans full of fake pink daisies.

There was also little boxes on the table full of questions to ask each other while you waited for your food.

There was a very pretty pink flower on the ceiling that the lights hung from. There was also a bar to sit at when it's busy on the weekends. No alcohol though for the parents being dragged around the store. ;)

 The appetizer menu. You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

The entrees. There's kid friendly meals as to be expected but there was also some things for the adults as well.

There was also a seasonal drink menu.  I thought the Candy Cane Frosty sounded yummy but didn't order it.

The appetizers we chose. My mom ordered the soft pretzel bites and I got the caprese salad. They were both very good! My mom gave me a pretzel and they were warm, soft, and salty. They also came with two dipping sauces, one was honey dijon mustard and the other was cheese. The mustard was good but my mom said the cheese wasn't and that it was a little gritty. I didn't try the cheese. The salad was very good and wasn't wilted and the dressing was also very good.

For lunch I got the tic-tack-toe pizza minus the pepperoni O's because I'm a vegetarian. It came with a cup of fruit salad. It was also very tasty and cheesy. The thin crust was nice. A safe choice for any picky eater.

My mom order the turkey club. She said it was very good and I'll take her word for it. She had the choice of a salad or sweet potato fries for a side and ended up going for the salad.

We were offered dessert but were too full to order anything. While we were there a couple of little girls were having their birthday lunches there and it was very cute. The waiter brought out little pink cakes with candles for them and the birthday girls got to wear matching pink crowns with their dolls. The waiter would also bring out little cups for your dolls sitting at the table with you. I didn't take any pictures though of course because I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Overall we were very impressed with the food and it was much better than I was expecting it to be. It was a good amount and the quality was good. I was unsure of what to expect because the last time I ate at an American Girl restaurant was in New York almost 10 years ago for my birthday! We weren't uncomfortable even though we were two adults without any children with us and we were treated very nicely.

Those are never coming down again.
As I said above I brought Kirsten to get her hair put back in her braids. The girls were very nice but I was a little to shy to take pictures of the process. They were amazed on how new she looked and I told them I always preferred to play with Felicity. I know there's guides on how to do this hairstyle yourself but I could have never done it as neatly and nicely as they did.

After her hair was done I brought her back to the car so I didn't have to hold her all day. The other employees were happy to see her as she's been retired for about four years now. When I was checking out I heard one employee ask another if he saw my Kirsten. I thought it was nice they were so enthusiastic about her. :)

And here's what I bought! I bought Caroline's third book in her series and read it last night. It was really good and I'm enjoying reading her series because I never learned much about the War of 1812 in school, especially the Canadian and Great Lakes part of it.

I also bought myself two outfits for Josefina because I'm trying to finish buying what's still available for her. I bought her Party Outfit which I'll put on her after the holidays. The other one I bought is her Christmas dress which I'm going to put her in around Thanksgiving. My mom also bought Kit's School Supplies for me because I had heard they might be on there way out and I hope to get her lunch tin to go with them soon. They're very cool and I'll be doing a review of them soon.

I had so much fun yesterday I spent 3 1/2 hours there! I was so exhausted I just left after wandering around and I didn't go any where else in the mall. I love going to the American Girl Store though and always have so much fun looking around. I also like to pick out my dolls that way even though I didn't get one this time. I suggest going during the day on a weekday when school's in session because there wasn't a lot of people in there. I saw mothers doing some quick Christmas shopping and moms with very little kids or families with birthday girls who had taken the day off from school. The employees were very friendly and I didn't feel silly as an adult, something I was a little worried about. If you have the opportunity to visit a store, do it! It's amazing how alive the dolls' worlds become and it's fun to see everything together and the displays. Just be careful to not spend too much. ;)

Thanks for reading!



  1. Man not going to lie, I'm so glad that they've started to offer redoing historical hairstyles. I got to go to AG Place Chicago within the first year or so of it opening, and they looked at me like I was insane when I asked them if they could do Kirsten's loop braids for me, haha. Considering I'm so bad at doll hair, it's nice to know if I ever can't recreate something I can beg them to fix it!

    1. I know I was so happy when I found out I could get Kirsten's hair fixed! They also can do all of the Girl of the Year hairstyles, but I can't really remember if those are that complicated.

  2. What a small world it is! I just had my first visit to AG Place Boston two weeks ago, with a friend and her four-year-old, who desperately wanted Josefina! I love your blog, by the way, and it's always nice to run into more doll collectors in the area!

    1. Thank you very much! Josefina is beautiful and I love her a lot.

  3. I visited the Natick store for the first time in December as a new adult collector. A friend went with me who knew nothing about American Girl dolls (and is not a doll or toy person), and next time I know I'll be going on my own. She didn't get it. I spent a lot of money (well, a lot for me) and felt weird about it. Oh well ... it was a learning experience for her, right? :) LOL.