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American Girl: Kit's School Supplies

Last week when I visited American Girl in Boston, I made sure to pick up something for Kit, my first AG doll. My mom offered to buy something for me, so I picked out Kit's School Supplies because I heard rumors they might be retired soon.

Kit is a girl living in Cincinnati during the Great Depression and her stories deal with the hardships her family faces during it with her father out of work. Kit herself is a bit of a tomboy who dreams of becoming a reporter for the newspaper when she's older. Kit's collection is full of wonderful clothes that reflect the 30's.

Off to school!

Kit's School Supplies retail for $28 and come in a black pleather school bag. The straps move to tighten it around Kit's shoulders or loosen up to open the bag.

The straps criss cross and loop through the back.

The back of the bag is plain and simple.

The bag opens in the front by pressing the clip in and that allows the metal piece to pass through the hook on the front.

What's inside Kit's bag?

All of Kit's school supplies!

Kit can wear her school bag comfortably on her back. Poor Kit is 12 years old though so she has some trouble balancing because her limbs are so loose.

She can also wear it slung across one shoulder.

Let's help Kit open her bag.
Overall I'd give her bag an A. It's made very sturdy and from good materials and she can wear it on her back. The clasp might be a little hard to littler hands to figure out though.

Kit's School Supplies include a  green notebook, a multiplication chart, a report card, a geography book, and a pencil box with lots of goodies inside.

Kit's copy of her multiplication table comes printed on a sturdy piece of card paper. It reminds me of the paper manila envelopes are made of. It's blank on the back.

The table has all of the times tables up to twelve. I wish we were given these in school because I honestly think it would of helped me learn them a lot better than I did.

Kit studying her multiplication table. 

There's not a lot to it but I really like it for some reason so I'll give it an A-. I love the old scrolling and print but it seems like it would be easily lost by a child.

Kit's report card comes in a brown paper envelope. Let me just add I opened this set in the car and was amazed how tiny and detailed it was. I then promptly lost it between the seats haha. Luckily I was able to fish it out.

The report card itself is printed on smooth card paper. When my mom saw it she said they had these all the way up into the 70's before switching to a different format in the 80's.

The front of her report card.

The back of it.

And lastly the inside. Sorry it's a little hard to see because of the glossiness.

While the report card is cute, it's blank and I really wish the filled it out with Kit's name and info. She wouldn't be carrying around a blank report card that I know of. It's also very tiny and I can't imagine a kid would have it too long before loosing it. I'm going to give it a C.

 Her notebook is green with a vintage print on the front.

It's full of mini blank lined paper.

It's cute enough and I'm sure it would be fun for children to fill it in themselves with Kit's lessons or homework. I'll give it a B.

Probably my favorite thing of her school accessories is her geography book. It's a mini doll size version of this textbook.

The first page is an old map of the united states.

The book is real and it's printed on every page. You could even read it if you wished.

Another couple of the pages.

There's even real photos in it.

An old picture of Philadelphia.

Here's Kit reading her textbook.

Even though it says North America on the cover, I didn't see anything about Canada or Mexico in it, but I might have not looked at it good enough. This is probably my favorite piece in the set besides the pencil box, so I'd give it an A+. I love that it's a real book and it's a great accessory for Kit.

Here's my other favorite part of this set, the pencil box! It's made from a tough card board and is red and a grayish blue. There's a diamond pattern with different breeds of dogs and on the flap it says "Just Pals".

The back of the pencil box has more dog breeds and a nice "made in china" sticker. :)

The sides have a pretty peach and red polka dot pattern.

Both the top and bottom have a cute pattern of a team of sled dogs pulling a sled.

The pencil box opens and closes with a rivet clip. I'm not sure if that's the right term but oh well.

And look at all the goodies inside! Pencils, crayons, an eraser, and a pen are included.

The same pattern from the sides is on the inside.

Kit's excited to start writing with her new pencils and pen.

I'd also give this an A+. I really love the design and all of the little pieces.

The crayons are made from solid plastic. I was wondering if they were real but they aren't.

American Girl Doll's can hold them by themselves if you wedge them between their fingers.

The pencils are also made from plastic and not real. I do like how they didn't make the tips identical. They're also separate even though they look like a solid chunk of plastic in the picture.

They can also hold the pencils too.

The eraser is made of a chunk of rubber. It looks like a chunk of caramel to me.

Here's her old fashioned pen. I'm sure she could hold this too.

Last is her ruler. It looks like it's only 7 inches long. It seems to made of plastic disguised as wood.

Here's everything together.

Overall I really love this set and I think it would look great in a display space on her desk. American Girl is the only company you could really get such high quality and detailed accessories for your dolls. I do think most of this will be lost in seconds if you give it to a child who isn't careful, so I'm glad I got this set now and not when I was eight. I think this set could also work for modern dolls seeing as school supplies really haven't changed that much in the last 70 years.

Thanks for reading!


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