Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney Store's Frozen Kristoff and Hans Dolls

Last week I reviewed the Disney Store's Anna and Elsa dolls. When I went to my Disney Store a couple of weeks ago, they only had Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff dolls available and didn't have Hans stocked. So I turned to their website and ordered him along with the D23 exclusive ornament because I have no willpower when it comes to seasonal items.

Kristoff and Hans are the two main male leads in Frozen. Hans is the prince of a neighboring kingdom, The Southern Isles, and travels to attend Elsa's coronation.  After meeting Anna he proposes to her after only a day and she gladly accepts, Elsa does not approve. Hans seems to take a back seat when Anna goes off to bring her sister home and he stays behind in Arendelle. Kristoff does join her though as he's an ice harvester and knows how to navigate the rugged landscape. He's described as grumpy and is a bit of loner, his only friend being his reindeer Sven. I imagine he only accepts to help Anna because his job is endangered when Arendelle is frozen over and no one no longer needs to buy ice imported from the mountains. He is said to be based of the Sami people.

Expect a love triangle.

Hans and Kristoff arrive in similar boxes to their female counterparts Anna and Elsa. Each is decorated with rosemaling and the outline of a window and their animated self. Their boxes do look a bit more simpler than Anna and Elsa's though.

Kristoff  comes dressed in a cozy grey vest with red trim and fur. Underneath he has a blue fleece turtleneck and matching blue pants. He also wears a grey fleece hat, gloves, and boots.

Kristoff as he appears in Frozen.

 Hans comes dressed in a grey and black tailcoat, blue vest, blue shirt, maroon tie, black pants, and black boots. He's definitely more formally dressed than Kristoff.

Hans' animated counterpart.

The back of their boxes are the same as Anna and Elsa's. It would of been nice to maybe have the boys on the back but most people will just rip the back up anyway.

They retail for $16.95 like the girl dolls.

I freed Kristoff first. His whole outfit is made of fleece and while it looks warm and cozy, it reminds me of pajamas!

Kristoff has blond molded hair that's very detailed compared to the Disney Store's other male dolls. He has brown eyes too which I love instead the stereotypical blue. He has darker eyebrows and a light dusting of freckles over his face. I'm actually glad he's blond because the only other love interest for a princess that was blond was John Smith in Pocahontas.

His outfit looks very layered and warm for where he'd be living and working. I love the extra details like the fluffy fur and twine around his gloves.

He has grey pointy boots that are curved upward like elf boots. Unlike his vest the fur on them is molded plastic.

His boots from the side. I really love them, they're so goofy!

His clothes from the back. They definitely look better from the front.

His shirt is all one piece, so there will be no mix and matching his turtle neck and vest with other things.

Kristoff's outfit and all the other pieces he comes dressed in. I love all of the details in his outfit and it's an improvement over some of the Disney Store's other outfits.

Kristoff's pants remind me of flannel pajama bottoms especially when that's all he's wearing them like most men do.

Kristoff isn't too articulated. He has elbow joints and his legs bend like Barbie.

Hey Anna, check out these biceps.

So he can't pose too intricately but he's still a nice doll.

I took several pictures of him with Anna. I think they look nice together and are my preferred couple.

He look scared.
Then Anna's older sister got a turn to pose with him. I just don't like couples with the same hair color but they work too.

Hans was cut free next.

Hans has auburn molded hair and green eyes. He also has a couple of light freckles scattered about his face. He has a smug smile that makes it look like he's judging you.

Hans outfit is very detailed. His vest is made from corduroy and his tailcoat has gold trim.

His coat also has some screen printed designs.

His tailcoat from the behind. At first I panicked thinking I got a defected doll because he only had gold on one shoulder. I looked at his official pictures and it's supposed to be like that though. I can be silly sometimes. :)

He wears tall black boots that his dark blue pants fit nicely into.

His coat is separate from his shirt. I actually think he looks really good without it and it gives him a modern, sexy look.

The coat's black trim left some awful staining on his wrists though.

His shirt and pants aren't separate though. It's like one big jumpsuit.

His clothes off of him.

Hey ladies...

He has the same body as Kristoff and can make minimal poses.

This is awkward...
At least they don't have matching underwear.

Hans stalking Elsa

Hans got his turn with the ladies next. I think he looks nice with Elsa, especially because they're both wearing formal wear.

Of course he also looks cute with Anna and even more so if she was wearing her green formal dress instead of her travel outfit.

Behave boys!
Of course I had to take some pictures of just Hans and Kristoff too. I don't see them being friendly towards each other. Just look at them glaring at each other in that last picture. They don't really look too similar besides the fact they both have huge chins. I like that Kristoff has a very pronounced nose, especially when you compare it to Hans' perfect upturned nose. Maybe he's broken it a couple of times in his free time playing hockey?

Kristoff with the two royal sisters.

And here's the whole gang together! I really think they look lovely together. I love how they all are wearing similar colors so they all flow very nicely together.

Overall I'm very impressed with these dolls. I think the Disney Store went all out for them and I hope they continue with the next dolls they introduce to their classic doll line. The hair, faces, and clothes are all spot on for these four. I'm very excited to see what the inevitable Anna and Elsa limited edition 17'' collector dolls will look like if their classic dolls are this nice. Between the two boys I'd have to say Kristoff is my favorite even if do love the Jane Austen vibe Hans is giving off with those sideburns and outfit.

I think a lot of thought and and careful designing was put into these dolls and it shows. They will please not only an adult collector like me but also the children they were intended for. The dolls make me even more excited for November 27th so I can finally see the movie!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Man, your reviews and pictures make me want to break down and get these guys before the movie comes out even more than I already did! They look like such great quality and I don't want to miss out on the first run versions like I did with Merida. The secondary releases have never been as good as the first. B(

    1. I know what you mean about Merida! I think you have a good solid year before they roll out the newer versions of them and from what I've noticed they really only change the princesses. I guess they can't be bothered to pay enough attention to the boys! Usually once they've been out long enough they put them in the sales they run.

  2. Loved this review, Heather. :) My Elsa and Anna arrived a couple of weeks ago. I haven't deboxed them yet, but I love them already! I really hope I love the movie so I feel like I can keep them. :}

    I'm hoping to add Hans and Kristoff to my collection as well, but I think I'll wait 'til I'm in a Disney Store or there's another free shipping offer. I just can't quite justify the $40 something I have to spend with the shipping. :}

    Keep up the great reviews! :)

    1. I'm sure you will if you loved Tangled! From what I've read the plot seems really good.

      And I know what you mean about shipping! When I ordered Hans and an ornament it came to around $40 and I had a hard time hitting the submit order button. I did have some money in my paypal though so it made it a little better. :)

  3. Your so great at reviewing dolls! Might can't wait for more! :D

  4. Hi!

    I've used some of your pictures in one of my posts, but I've put some credits and I've linked your blog. I hope you don't mint! :)

    I like your blog and your collection.

  5. I got a big laugh when I read that Hans looks like he was judging! LOL! He does! Nice review!

  6. Hey,
    I don't can get Hans on the Disney store.Do you can help me!