Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney Store Limited Edition 17'' Ariel

The Disney Store has been releasing 17'' collector dolls of their popular characters since 2009 when they released Snow White to coincide with the movie's re-release on Blu-Ray. They have been releasing the dolls steadily each year since, depending on which movies come out of the ''vault'' and which movies are newly released that year. The dolls are usually of the princesses and the main villain from their movie. For the first time though they released Eric to accompany Ariel for her release and he is the first male doll in this style. To see which dolls have been released and other information on them, you can view a post member has put together on them here on the Disney Pin Forum.

I've known of the dolls since 2009 but didn't start actively collecting them until spring of 2012 when wedding Rapunzel was released. I did want to buy Alice when she was released of August 2011, but waited too long and she sold out quickly because of her small edition size. I've been waiting since 2009 for my favorite princess to be released and the time has finally arrived! I pre-ordered my Ariel back on July 29th on the Disney Store's website, and she arrived on September 30th on my door step! A day earlier than you were able to pick up your pre-order in store. The Disney also had a ''surprise'' release of a limited edition 17'' Ursula and Eric on October 1st in their store and on their website. I say surprise because they previewed the dolls at D23 this year but you were not allowed to pre-order them like you could with Ariel. I bought Ursula for myself to go along with Ariel but decided to skip out on Eric because I did not like how his box cut off the top of his head. Ursula should arrive this Wednesday but for now I'm in absolute awe of Ariel's beauty.

The prettiest princess besides Aurora imo.

Ariel is packaged in a white display box similar to the one's the other dolls in the line come in. The display window is decorated in teal scrolling with shells and pearls. The seahorses that she plays with during "Under the Sea" are featured on the bottom.

The cute little seahorses. I saw a little stuffed one at Toys R Us that I must have for my Little Mermaid Plush collection!

Ariel is a limited edition of 6000. The dolls were split between the American Disney Stores, Disney Store's website, and the overseas market.

 The back of the box features a description of the doll and her story in several different languages.

She retailed for $99.95 like the other dolls in this collection. I believe she came to around $106 with tax and free shipping.

The top of her box features a window so you view her from above.

The sides of the box feature more cut outs with seaweed like patterns ad bubbles.

You can see her gold fish bracelet and sparkly tail from this angle.

Ariel doesn't photograph too well with the screen on the box. Luckily the boxes are made to come apart and be put back together so you can arrange hair and clothes differently and also view their certificate of authenticity without de-boxing them.

Much better. Ariel is absolutely stunning her and fiery red mane is styled in waves and gelled to death. Mine has a gap in the back that kind of annoys me, but I suppose it helps give the allusion her hair is floating in the water.

She has a light blue star fish hair clip on the top of her head much like the character in the park.

Ariel has her distinguishable big, blue eyes that are framed with long, dark eyelashes. Her eyeshadow is gold with light brown in the crease of her eyelids. She has brown eyebrows and light pink lips. I love her face and I love how glamorous she looks.

Ariel's seashell bra and tail are differently colored than the ones she wore in the movie. I personally love this but some people complained, but I guess you can't please everyone. As an Ariel collector I have plenty of dolls and other merchandise of her in green and purple and this doll is different from the rest and stands out. And I'll be honest, as much as I love my girl Ariel, red, green, and purple just isn't an eye pleasing color combo.

Her seashell bra is much more detailed and highly adorned than the one she sports in the movie. Her shells are also opalescent and they remind me of the inside of oyster shells! She has pearls, rhinstones, coral, and shell embellishments. Even her straps her made of gold coral!

She has a dangling charm hanging from her top that has a white shell, gold shell, and clear bead from each chain. I love this addition as she's not wearing a necklace and it makes her midsection look less bare.

Around her waist is a belt made up from clam shells that have the same shimmery colors as her top. Pearls also decorate them because she is a princess after all.

She has a gold bracelet made up of fish and shells around her right wrist. I wish she came with a fork or her father's trident in one of her hands like the earlier princess dolls that came holding accessories from their movies.

Her tail is dark teal and is layered to look like fish scales. She has teal rhinestones sporadically placed around her tail. She also has legs underneath her tail if you're curious. They're just bent at the knee. As you can see her stand is visible in her box. It doesn't bother me but I guess I'm not as picky as other collectors.

The fins on her tail are a lighter teal than her scales and are made from a silky material. I love how the rhinestones are clustered near the center and become more sparse further out.

A full view of Ariel. The cardboard is part of her box and the other four parts are the back, front, and screen.

As I mentioned earlier this line of dolls come with certificates of authenticity. This can be viewed without de-boxing the doll and can be pulled out from the bottom between the two pieces of cardboard the doll is on and the back of the box.

My Ariel is 1947 which is very cool, considering my father was born that year.

Ariel from the side.

You can see how long her eyelashes really are when you view her at an angle.

Ariel's face is really beautiful. I think they used this year's Ariel head mold and I think it works better on the 17'' dolls than the classic 12'' one. The 2011 mold is still my favorite though because it reminds me of the scene when she's singing "Part of Your World".

Ariel is definitely my favorite LE Disney Store doll I own know. She's not available to purchase directly from Disney any more but you can purchase her on the second hand market. I'm glad the designers took a risk with her and deviated from her usual color scheme and she looks really lovely in the gold and teal tones they chose. She has very natural, earthy look to her and looks like she could be a real mermaid princess. I love the extra details they added to her that make her look very regal and like royalty compared to her usual mermaid design. I do wish she came holding something in her hands and her stand wasn't so visible, but neither of those things bother me too much.

It would of been nice if they decided to put her in her human form instead maybe in her pink dress or silver dress she wears at the very end of her movie, but I can understand why they chose her mermaid form. Not only is it her most iconic look, the Designer Couple set has her in her human form wearing my favorite dress, her blue one!

Here she is displayed next to me LE Cinderella from last October. They look really nice together!

Thank you for reading! My next review might be of an American Girl outfit while I wait to order my Designer Ariel & Eric couple set. ;)



  1. wow! cool Ariel....
    to tell you the truth I never really saw this ariel pretty,there was so much going on,
    but you made her sound so pretty....
    my only complaint is about her scales,I think they tried too much....
    they could have replaced them with a cool pattern on her tail (like barbie mermadia,the only barbie movie I enjoyed besides swan lake and dancing princess)

    anyways keep up the good work on reviews!

    1. I think if they made her scales a little smaller and put them together closer in rows it would probably look better.

      And thank you! :)

  2. Do they release one every year?