Saturday, October 26, 2013

American Girl: Kirsten's School Outfit

I apologize that I haven't been writing much lately. It's not that I've been busy, just feeling lazy and unmotivated. My stores around here don't have much new things that I'm interested in buying, and I've been dumping money on the Disney Store's collector dolls they've been releasing this season. I only have two more I want, so after I get them out of the way I can focus on other dolls once my bank account recovers. I hate fall for that reason; the Disney Store releases all of their limited edition collector dolls in just a couple of months instead of steadily through out the year. I'm also moving to Florida soon and have been packing up clothes and thinking of when I should start adding my dolls to that, so I probably shouldn't buy more to add to the pile.

I have been in a very American Girl mood lately though. I've been reading Caroline's books slowly and am enjoying them very much because they're nicely written and the plot is enthralling. I definitely suggest reading them yourself or with a child. I also received my holiday catalog a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the photography in it, especially for the historical characters. I have a long list of dolls I'd like to add to my childhood collection (like five currently >.<), but can't really afford it at the moment and haven't been able to get myself to American Girl Boston because my mother has been injured and I like visiting the stores with her because she loves American Girl just as much as me.

So I've been making do with my four childhood dolls I decided to keep, Kirsten, Felicity, Josefina, and Kit. As a child Kirsten was never my favorite, and I bought her on a whim when I was eight or nine with the money I saved from my birthday, Christmas, and allowance. I'm not sure if I didn't like her so much because of her meet outfit, which I still am not crazy about, or if it was her simple clothes and accessories she had. They weren't fancy and elegant like Felicity's or exotic like Josefina's. Anyways I never bought anything for her when I was younger besides her doll, and I unfortunately took down her braids and gave Elizabeth her pantalettes to wear, so she's practically brand new. When I got back into American Girl as an adult, she was retired. So now I'm making up for it by slowly buying her collection off of eBay when I find good deals. Now she's one of my favorites because of my interest in Scandinavian culture and 19th century history. I also can't think of one of her outfits American Girl produced for her that I don't like.

Kirsten looking very appropriate for the season.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Disney Store Limited Edition 17'' Ariel

The Disney Store has been releasing 17'' collector dolls of their popular characters since 2009 when they released Snow White to coincide with the movie's re-release on Blu-Ray. They have been releasing the dolls steadily each year since, depending on which movies come out of the ''vault'' and which movies are newly released that year. The dolls are usually of the princesses and the main villain from their movie. For the first time though they released Eric to accompany Ariel for her release and he is the first male doll in this style. To see which dolls have been released and other information on them, you can view a post member has put together on them here on the Disney Pin Forum.

I've known of the dolls since 2009 but didn't start actively collecting them until spring of 2012 when wedding Rapunzel was released. I did want to buy Alice when she was released of August 2011, but waited too long and she sold out quickly because of her small edition size. I've been waiting since 2009 for my favorite princess to be released and the time has finally arrived! I pre-ordered my Ariel back on July 29th on the Disney Store's website, and she arrived on September 30th on my door step! A day earlier than you were able to pick up your pre-order in store. The Disney also had a ''surprise'' release of a limited edition 17'' Ursula and Eric on October 1st in their store and on their website. I say surprise because they previewed the dolls at D23 this year but you were not allowed to pre-order them like you could with Ariel. I bought Ursula for myself to go along with Ariel but decided to skip out on Eric because I did not like how his box cut off the top of his head. Ursula should arrive this Wednesday but for now I'm in absolute awe of Ariel's beauty.

The prettiest princess besides Aurora imo.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Disney Store's Frozen Kristoff and Hans Dolls

Last week I reviewed the Disney Store's Anna and Elsa dolls. When I went to my Disney Store a couple of weeks ago, they only had Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff dolls available and didn't have Hans stocked. So I turned to their website and ordered him along with the D23 exclusive ornament because I have no willpower when it comes to seasonal items.

Kristoff and Hans are the two main male leads in Frozen. Hans is the prince of a neighboring kingdom, The Southern Isles, and travels to attend Elsa's coronation.  After meeting Anna he proposes to her after only a day and she gladly accepts, Elsa does not approve. Hans seems to take a back seat when Anna goes off to bring her sister home and he stays behind in Arendelle. Kristoff does join her though as he's an ice harvester and knows how to navigate the rugged landscape. He's described as grumpy and is a bit of loner, his only friend being his reindeer Sven. I imagine he only accepts to help Anna because his job is endangered when Arendelle is frozen over and no one no longer needs to buy ice imported from the mountains. He is said to be based of the Sami people.

Expect a love triangle.