Monday, September 9, 2013

Pinkie Cooper Jet Set Pets: Pepper Parson

By now you've probably heard of these strange looking dolls called Pinkie Cooper by The Bridge Direct. I first heard the name thrown around on Tumblr in the doll community but my first true experience with them was reading The Toy Box Philosopher's review of Pinkie Cooper herself back in July. At first I wasn't too fond of the alien-like dolls and the bizarre concept of anthropomorphic dogs in the fashion world. Now I know anthropomorphism of animals isn't anything new and it has been done before in the doll world, but I still was a bit apprehensive of this doll line at first. Especially because they have pet dogs themselves, something I'm not too fond of and I will be ignoring that part of the line.

Anyways though, as you've probably guessed they grew on me! Especially as a dog lover their sweet, innocent, Spaniel face melted my heart. My first dog ever was a Cocker Spaniel named Chloe. My family got her as a puppy when I was one and we grew up together. Sadly several years ago she passed away at the age of twelve. While Pinkie Cooper is based off of the doll designer's English Toy Spaniel, also called King Charles Spaniel, they have enough similarities with Cocker Spaniels to remind me of my Chloe. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, while different from English toys/King Charles, have also been one of my favorite dog breeds since I was young, and I've always wanted a red and white one named Ginger. So as you can imagine I had to buy Ginger Jones as quickly as possible. Well now I've picked up Pepper Parson so she can have a friend to hang out with.

Pepper Parson

Pepper Parson and Ginger Jones (love their alliterative names) are the best friends of Pinkie Cooper and help Pinkie travel the world and look for the hottest fashion trends. According to their website, Pepper is the DJ for their fashion shows. Like Monster High, they also have short webisodes. You can watch their first one here.

Get me out of here!

Pepper comes packaged in a simple pink and brown striped box like basic Pinkie and Ginger.  A clear window let's you see her inside her package. The top of her window is adorned with a hot pink studded stripe that is reminiscent of a dog collar. Her box reminds me of the hatbox Lady is in when Jim Dear gifts her to his wife for Christmas in the beginning of Disney's Lady and the Tramp. I doubt this was intentional, but Lady and the Tramp is one of my favorite movies so I noticed this right away. Regardless of my bias to the reference, I find the packaging very cute and pleasing to the eye, but I still had to take her out.

A close up of Pepper in her box.


The right side of Pepper's box is a simply pink with brown scalloped trim. In the middle is the line's hot pink logo and Bridge Direct's in the bottom right hand corner.

The left side of the box has the same basic layout but the logo is at the top of the panel and instead Pepper's box art is the focal point. You know, just so you know which one you're buying.

Sorry about the blurriness.
 The back of the box features the concept art of all three characters and their un-evolved counterparts they now use as house pets. It also shows how you can switch out their hair/ears for others, much like Liv's wigs.

There's also a synopsis of the basic premise of the line. It also serves as an advertisement for their website, of course.

Dogs can't read because that box obviously says she's Pinkie's BFF, not your's Ginger.
Ginger wants her friend to come out, so she can have someone to hang out with besides those strange Monster High dolls I have her sit with. So let's get to the fun part!

The cardboard Pepper's attached to slides right out easily and isn't attached to her box. Which is nice if you debox Monster High dolls as often as I do.

Fun times
A doll collector's worst enemy: tape, string, and plastic tabs. Lucky Pinkie Cooper dolls don't have the stupid plastic staples connecting their heads to the box, so getting her out was quite easy!

The directions included with her for taking and putting her ear/hair pegs out and in.

Stringy brains
I noticed she had string wrapped around her hair, so I took her ears off to find out her ears were connected through her head! You can get a feel for how small she really is compared to my fingers. That over sized head makes her seem larger than she really is when in reality she's only about 9.5 inches tall.

Free at last!
After the quick brain surgery she celebrated at being finally free from her restraints.

She also came packaged with teal blue peep toe booties, and a white purse and brush featuring the silhouette of the line's mascot. It also looks suspiciously like two other lines symbols. I don't care for the purse much, and I don't even remember where I put Ginger's.

Here's a picture showing more of the details on Pepper's shoes.

Pepper has a darling little face that feature the traditional colors and patterns of a tricolor King Charles, including those adorable eyebrow markings. She also has a heart spot between her eyes like Ginger and Pinkie. She has bright green eyes with a rim of brown around her pupil. Real eyelashes surround her eyes which really bring them together. Above her eyes she has a stripe of turquoise eyeshadow that coordinates with her outfit.

Her eyes are inserted into her head which gives her a similar look to Pullip dolls. Sadly her eyes don't move or close despite if they look like they should!

Like I mentioned her hair, or ears really, insert into her head similar to the way Liv's wigs do. On each side of her head she has a hole for the pegs, making it easy to switch out looks for Pepper. Her ears are split color between a gingery red and black that matches her coloring. The hair is soft but a little crispy on the ends from hair spray much like my Ginger doll's is.

This picture shows the split color of Pepper's wig well.

I was curious to see if the red in Pepper's wig was the same shade as the one in Ginger's wig.

As you can see it's the same shade used for both. Pepper's is on the left and Ginger's is on the right.

Ginger has four spots on her left calf. I think this is cute and it reminds me of the random coloring real dogs have.

Pepper's paws have black painted nails and a black heart shaped paw pad. She had a black paint mark on her arm but it doesn't really bother me that much.

Here's a comparison shot between her and Ginger's paws. As you can see Ginger's are painted in lighter colors. I like how Ginger's nails match her outfit more than Pepper's more natural color.

Pepper's dress is a baby doll cut and it teal and green. The bodice is teal and the skirt is teal and green cheetah print. There's two layers to the skirt. The first one is the cheetah print and the second is a teal over lay with teal dots of glitter. The glitter stays on her dress well and doesn't transfer to other surfaces, fortunately.

A silver belt adorns the waist of the dress. It's square shaped and there's rhinestones in the middle but it's a little hard to tell in the picture.

There's also a rose made of green ribbon attached at the waist. Overall I'm impressed with her dress and I love the colors and details. It seems well made and is cute. It reminds me of the short prom dresses I saw when looking for my own prom dress a couple of years back.

Just like real clothes!

Here's a comparison of it to Ginger's dress. One thing I noticed was the different shapes used on their belts, square for Pepper and circles for Ginger, which was also incorporated onto their headbands.

Pepper's headband is teal with a square rhinestone with green chiffon underneath. Ginger's is purple with a circular rhinestone with gathers underneath. Each has a hole on the right side of the head to keep it in place with the hair pegs.

One thing I need to make clear is that the only way to get a doll with a headband is to buy her from Target. The ones from Wal Mart, Toys R Us, etc. don't come with headbands and come without head wear. It's not advertised but the headband dolls are exclusive to Target as of right now. Thanks to a friend on Tumblr who pointed this out.

Pepper's shoes are sooo much easier to get on than Ginger's, which was a relief! Because of the strap around Ginger's, it makes them a bit difficult to get on her feet at first.

The silver C-shaped bracelet that Pepper came with is identical to the one that came with Ginger.

 Here's a picture of Pepper's complete outfit.

And a picture of her outfit compared to Ginger.

She has a stocky body compared to other fashion dolls. It's cute though, after all she is a dog. I also like that they don't have breasts for the same reason as before.

Her arms are articulated at her elbow. I'd love if their wrists were articulated but unfortunately they're not. A little disappointing in this day in age of cheap fashion dolls.

I can do the splits though!

Her legs are made of a rubbery plastic that's very bendy but despite that she can't bend her knees! She can however, do the splits and her legs are quite moveable in their socket.

She's completely naked now that I removed her hair! She looks even more alien like now. I had some more fun posing her for a bit.

Her underwear is molded on and they have a bow at the waistband.

Here's a size comparison to some of my other dolls. From left to right: Jakk's Pacific Winx Flora, Disney Store 2013 Aurora, MH Swim Class Lagoona, Jakk's Pacific Rosetta, and Pepper. As you can see she's quite small.

I then decided to switch Ginger and Pepper's outfits. I think they look cute in the different colors but their eye shadow ruins it a bit and restricts them if you like things to match like me.

 Then I switched their hair too, which doesn't look half bad.

A few more comparison shots of Pepper and Ginger.

Here's what Pepper looks like with the ginger part of her ears facing forward. I think I prefer the darker color in the front though.

Pepper and her box art.
Ginger and her box art.
Pepper and Ginger are different than their box art. Which for once I'm fine with seeing as they all literally had the same dress just in different colors. I also prefer their headbands to the simple bows.

Overall I'm very happy with these dolls. It's nice as a dog lover to have a girly line like this because usually cats are marketed for girls and dogs for boys. I love the breed choice but I would love to see the line expanded to include more dog breeds. I also wish they came with stands because they have trouble standing on their own.

If you're interested in getting one I recommend you get yours from Target because they come with their headbands and it really completes their outfits. They also look a little strange to me without them! I believe they were around $15 each at Target so they really are a good price for their quality. I suggest picking one out in person though because in the store I did notice some face defects sadly. Around where I live they seem popular because when I went back to get Pepper she was the only one left! They're fun and sweet and I would suggest them to both children and collectors.

Ginger is happy to have another friend of her own species.

Well thank you for reading my first review!



  1. These dolls have clicky knee joints that move two clicks c:

    1. Really!? That's awesome I'll have to play around with them more. Thank you!

  2. Great review! Still not sure I'm completely sold on these, but out of all of them, Pepper is my favorite. :)

  3. Great review! Still not sure I'm completely sold on these, but out of all of them, Pepper is my favorite. :)

  4. Yes they're a little strange but as a dog lover how could I not like them? Their ears are fun too and they're not very expensive!

  5. Thanks for the advice about the headbands being on the Target dolls. I read Toy Box Philosopher's review about how the British dolls come with the headbands but the American ones don't. I like the headbands too because it makes the dolls look less "bald."

    1. No problem! I wish they'd just put them on all of the dolls sold in every store because I don't like the bald look either.