Sunday, September 15, 2013

J-Doll: Maroseica St.

I've known of J-Dolls for a while but was never really interested in purchasing one until recently when I became aware of how cheap they're going for on eBay, around $35-$60. Recently on Tumblr a few people I follow had bought some and I realized I wanted one for myself. I've always wanted a Pullip doll but their price tag was always a little too much for me, seeing as I like so many other dolls too. So I thought a J-Doll would be a good alternative for now, especially because I love their sweet faces.

After scouring eBay for a couple of days I finally settled on Maroseica St. or Rue Antoine Dansaert. When it finally came down to it Maroseica won out because I loved the doll herself, while Dansaert I only liked for her clothes. I loved Maroseica's beautiful green eyes and gorgeous red hair, and I figured I can always re-dress her into something different. Her elaborate outfit has grown on me though.

I bought Maroseica for $40, which included shipping. I was happy to get her for this price and will say right now she was worth it. She arrived very quickly. I ordered her last Saturday and she came in on Monday! The reason why I'm just getting to her review now is because I got home from Florida Friday night after I spent a couple of days down there.

J-Doll's are made by Jun Planning which is the same Korean company that makes Pullip dolls. They share the same body with Pullip so their clothes are interchangeable. The line is not as successful as Pullip and go for much cheaper then they originally retailed for.

According to Pullip Style, my specific doll is based off of a street in Russia near a castle wall at the Kitai Gorod commercial area. Her Eastern European influence is evident in her dress and headpiece. I decided to name her Anya, and from here on out she will be referred to as such instead of Maroseica St.

Anya arrived in a green and orange metallic box that was decorated with a rose pattern. The window in the box was very shiny, and when you combine that with the metallic trim on the box it makes for poor photos.

A close up of Anya in her box.


Yes because I always keep my dolls near an open flame.
The back of the box features a stock photo of Anya and a very long warning label in broken engrish. I got a good chuckle out of it. The age is also stated to be 15 years plus, clearly indicating that these dolls are collector's items and fragile.

I slipped her out of her box and dealt with the wire twist ties on her card board for a good ten minutes...

Such an angelic face...

I made sure to get a few pictures of her before I cut her loose. As you can see she comes with a veiled head piece, shoes, and a stand. The base of her stand is behind her and it creates a cape effect. When I first began looking at the dolls I thought the base behind them was part of their dress since the color usually matches their outfit. I'm silly. :)

Here are the directions that come in the package for the stand. More broken English! I like how they refer to the stand's base as a basement.

Finally she's free! She's even more beautiful out of her package. I love all of the tiny beading and embroidery on her dress. It's a little busy looking but it works.

Back of her dress with veil.

Her stand is a bit wobbly but it manages to keep her in place when I'm not handling her. She's very fun to look at.

This everything she comes with in her package. She came wrapped in an undershirt of plastic to keep her dress from staining her.

Her black underwear stained her upper thigh a bit though after she spent several years in her package. I believe she was released around 2010. It may also be hard to notice in the pictures but she had some slight dark green staining on the plastic protecting her torso from her dress.

The doll herself though is very beautiful. She has a gentle face and sweet looking blue-green eyes that match her dress. She has natural looking make up and I love her puckered, peach lips. Her hair is what won me over though as a red head myself. She has a lovely shade of bright auburn and her hair color is a mix of red, orange, and golden orange. I love that it's not just one solid tone and that makes it very realistic.

Her red mane comes styled into an elaborate up do consisting of three braids circled around her head. I love this style and wear my hair in braids pinned across my head often, so this was another selling point of her to me. She also has full, thick bangs framing her face. Her bangs are soft but I couldn't tell you how the rest of her hair feels. Those braids are never coming down and I would never be able to recreate her hair style on such a small scale. If you'd like to see her hair down, I found some pictures on flickr of her hair styled differently. You can see how long her hair is here.

Anya with Juku Couture Jun.
When I first saw her, her face reminded me of another doll I have, Juku Couture by Jakks Pacific. This line came out a few years back but never really took off and disappeared not too long after their first release. Both Anya and Jun have beautiful glass eyes and are of a similar size. It makes me wonder if Jakks Pacific was inspired by J-Dolls because of their similar appearance. Juku Couture dolls are also highly articulated like J-Dolls and Pullip. Sadly I didn't remember to take this picture until the very end of Anya's photo shoot, so this is the only comparison shot I have of the two.

The back of Anya's dress.
Where's my seamstress?
Anya's dress is made from a heavy, dark green material. It's very soft and smooth and reminds me a bit of suede.  Her dress is adorned with lace, beads, chains, and embroidery. It's off the shoulder and the bodice is fitted. The skirt flares out and reaches her knee. Sadly after taking her dress on and off some of the trim got a bit frayed. Her dress over all appears a bit bulky on her tiny frame because of the heavy fabric and all of the embellishments. I do love it though and I can see the Imperial Russian influence in it.

Her head piece also helps add to the Russian feel over her outfit. It's made with the same material as her dress and is trimmed with silver lace and a small chain. It's a triangular shape when sitting on her head and ties with a cream colored ribbon. The veil is also cream colored and has golden flecks in the material. It really is the icing on the cake and it makes her outfit.

Victoria Secret model-esque
She comes with a pair of black silk panties with matching lace trim. They do stain her though.

She also comes with a pair of knee high stockings. They're cream colored with golden threading to match her veil. They also have cream colored lace around the top which matches some of the lace on her dress.

 A black petticoat is included underneath her skirt. It doesn't really help the dress' poofiness but it certainly looks nice peeking out underneath. It's made from a stiff black chiffon like material. There's two layers to it and it's trimmed with the same silver lace that's on her dress and head piece. 

Finally we have the most disappointing accessory of them all, her golden shoes. I knew something was wrong with them when I saw the ankle straps had broken off in the plastic bag they came in. I then took them out and snapped the strap in two. Oops.

When I went to put them on her feet the cracked off in spots and the shoe started to chip apart. The shoes themselves seem very dry and brittle, and little to no pressure at all destroys them. Seriously Jun Planning, what the fuck? I would of been even more upset if I paid full retail price for her. Apparently this is unusual though so it must of just been a bad batch of shoes my doll got. Of course, that's my luck. It's a let down though and I ordered her some brown lace up Pullip boots from eBay.

My poor shoes!

Once I had her undressed I had some fun playing with her and seeing different ways I could pose her. That sounds horrible, sorry.

I'm a ballerina!
And now she's hungry?

I'm just going to apologize right now and tell you I don't know much about doll articulation and how to describe it. But here we go anyways.She has the Type 4 Pullip body unlike the earlier J-Dolls who unfortunately had the more fragile Type 3. This means she's able to move her head around more and is a little more sturdier.

Her arms can move around easily in their socked and she has articulated elbows and wrists.

I couldn't think of a way to not make this vulgar looking, sorry.
Back of her knees and ankles. Oh and her bum.

Her legs are articulated similarly to her arms and are flexible in their socket. Her knees can bend nicely and are a little strange looking. You may be able to see in the side angle picture how they're screwed in.

Her ankles are also articulated meaning she can pose her feet in really cool positions!

She's also articulated underneath her bust which allows minimal movement from side to side.

I broke out one of my old Liv dolls to compare articulation, seeing as Liv had some of the best articulation on the play line market, in my opinion.

They can both put their hands on their hands fairly well. Anya's pose looks a little more natural to me though but maybe it because of her more developed hips.

Peek a boo!

They both are also successful at touching their heads and faces!

It wasn't me!
Anya's a bit better at crossing her arms and touching her arms to her body. Sophie's just kind of float in front of her...

That doesn't look healthy...
Sophie can bend at the waist while Anya stays stationary. Liv wins this round.

Both can sit nicely and strike different poses though.

Both lines have glass eyes. I prefer J-Doll's more lively eyes. Liv's look a bit vacant and scary in comparison.

Before I put Sophie away I decided to see if her clothes would fit Anya. Her dress ended up being to loose in the bust and the sleeves were too long for her, but they worked. I think this color scheme looks nice with Anya's complexion.

Le gasp

I then brought out my Dance Class Rochelle quickly to see how they compared. They have similar arm articulation, they can bend at the elbows and wrist. Of course Rochelle's pop out. They also gave similar built legs except for the fact Rochelle can't bend her ankles.

I then tried Rochelle's leotard on Anya. It was too small and I have feeling it wouldn't of fit if it wasn't for the stretchy material it was made out of.

She's around the same height of Monster High dolls, and I believe she's able to share clothes with Barbie but it's not a perfect fit. I've also heard she's able to wear flat footed Barbie shoes. 

I decided to take her outside because I thought she'd look fabulous against the greenery. I was right. My neighbors must also think I'm insane by now.

 Over all I'm very happy with Anya besides her unfortunate shoes. She's a nice introduction into the world of Pullip and she makes me want a Pullip doll even more. I'd eventually like to get one of Pullip's Alice dolls, as a lover of all things Alice in Wonderland. Maybe even Dal Tinker Bell as she's adorable and captures the character perfectly.

I'm excited to re-dress her in some of the fabulous clothes I see on eBay and Etsy made for Pullip and Blythe, even though they're expensive and that might be a while. I might buy one more J-Doll, with black hair and blue eyes, another favorite color combo of mine. I don't see myself wanting more than two more though, as I don't have that "gotta cath 'em all" mentality I get with other doll lines.

I'd say if you want one for yourself go for it now, as they're cheap and will disappear eventually from the market as I don't think they are being made anymore. They're very fun little dolls and are very entertaining to photograph.

Thank you for reading!



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  2. ello Heather! Greats from Russia! I `ve just bought a Maroseica as a Christmas present for myself, and had the exact same incident with the shoes, and (sadly) the dolls ancle, that has fallen off due to the jne of its joint s being broken. Guess its a prodaction flaw, as it broke while the doll was still boxed and wraped. But still, she is adorable. I decided to name her Alondra :) And! I also have a Rue Antonie Dansaert, the one you desided not to buy. Unlike you, I bought her for her face and hair and traded her outfit...she was my first Jdoll out of four. Here is aling to my blog with agroup photo of the dolls.

    1. That's too bad that this doll has a lot of problems with her shoes. I'll definitely check out your blog!

    2. Yep. that`s true... Fortunately.I have a doll-collecting friend , who also has a Maroseica with leg/shoes problem. She sewed apretty outfit for my Maroseica, and also donated me her Maroseica`s leg ( it happened that her doll also had broken a leg, but mine broke her left leg, ashers broke her right one. So, we swapped legs.:) I currently have 4Jdolls ( 2 more to come) 2 Obitsu dolls (nano Haruka and a basic Obitsu body I customised) a unique one of a kind author`s doll and a porcelain one . Iwould really like to become your friend on Facebook, if you have one, I post lots of dolly stuff there.My FB is Xenia Primorskaya , pls look me up:) Kisses, greetrs from Russia

    3. Well that's good that you were able to to fix your and your friend's dolls even though it kind of sucks that they are so fragile.

      I don't have a facebook right now, sorry! I deleted mine a couple of months ago because I was sick of it.

  3. This might have inspired me to buy one! :)

    1. They very fun and pretty! I think you can get them for pretty cheap on eBay too.

  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures! I recently saw the dolls and had to choose between Maroseica and In Sa Dong doll (which I bought because she looks like Alice in Wonderland). I went back the next day and Maroseica was gone.

  5. I have really enjoyed your comments. I bought Alice from Ashton Drake, I think I will turn around and sell her tho, she is more a 'child' and I want more of 'women' dolls. But she comes with her own 5" rabbit and bottle, nice doll. I guess I will just sell her since she is brand new. Thank you again, I truly loved the way you introduced the J-Dolls.

  6. This was a really good review. Thank you for writing it! It was fun to read, and your doll is beautiful! I want a j doll too, but I haven't decided which one yet. I hope life is being kind to you! Thanks again, and take care.

  7. Hey she's just lovely and awesome review the pictures of her in the grass are neat I searched and searched on ebay but the lowest price I can find is 48 :P so can you like tell me the seller name or something because she is beautiful!!!

    1. I bought her from this seller:

      I'm not sure if they still have her though, but it looks like they still have some J-dolls.

  8. i just got one and her shoes did the same thing for me. very disappointing..i couldnt even salvage them- they just crumbled in my fingers