Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Store's Frozen Anna and Elsa Dolls

I've been following the development of Disney's adaption of Hans Christian Anderson's story the Snow Queen for years. After being shelved a couple of times, I was ecstatic to learn that Disney was giving it a go again after the success of Tangled. Not surprisingly, they gave the Snow Queen a one word title like they did Tangled, formerly Rapunzel Unbraided, and  Brave which was originally going to be called the Bear and the Bow. I can't blame them seeing as both were popular movies that appealed to both genders. They also changed the plot a bit, and instead decided to make Frozen loosely based on the Snow Queen, something I'm surprisingly okay with.

Frozen revolves around two sisters, Anna and Elsa. Elsa has magical powers allowing her to control ice and snow. On the day of her coronation to become queen of their kingdom, Arendelle, Elsa looses control and freezes their kingdom into an eternal winter. Terrified of what she's done, she flees to the Norwegian mountains and creates an ice palace of her own, isolating herself from her sister and her people. Anna who is not afraid of her sister, goes on a journey to save her sister and bring her back home. Anna is accompanied on her adventure by Kristoff, an ice harvester, who knows the dangerous landscape, his reindeer Sven, and a snowman Elsa created named Olaf. I have read the spoilers and don't let Disney's marketing fool you, it will be a dramatic story. This will be a spoiler free review though.

Anna on the left, Elsa on the right.

Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna

I'll start off by saying the Disney Store has four classic dolls of the main characters; Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Hans. My store didn't have Hans in stock though, so I ordered him off of their website and am eagerly awaiting his arrival. I'll be waiting to review the boys together, so for now Kristoff will have to wait.

Anna and Elsa come packaged in beautiful boxes. They are surrounded in a window of rosemaling that has motifs from the film, like flowers and snowflakes. In the bottom left corner is their animated character.

Anna in her box. Anna had a bit trouble balancing in her box though.

A close up of the folk pattern used on their boxes.

The flowery pattern continues onto the sides of their boxes.

Anna's clip art featured on her box. The shade they chose for the doll's hair seems a little too bright of a red. I'd say she's more of a strawberry blonde. It seems it's hard to imitate natural red hair though, whether it's dye or synthetic hair.

Anna has red hair styled in two braids. She has a white streak running through one which is important to the plot. She has gorgeous blue-green eyes and I love how they are painted. She's quite pale and has a splash of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She has natural looking eye make up and thin, red lips.

Anna comes bundled in a cozy, warm looking outfit. She's wearing a maroon cloak with a matching hood with lavender fur trim. Her dress consists of a black bodice decorated with rosemaling and gold trim. Underneath she has a light blue long sleeved blouse. Her hands are kept toasty with blue mittens. Her skirt is a royal blue color with rosemaling that matches the pattern on her bodice.

They may be a little hard to see in the box but she also has black boots with gold trim. Overall I really like the outfit they decided to give Anna for traveling. I love the colors used and the nod to her heritage and where the movie takes place. She also looks like she'd be warm in the freezing temperatures and the only skin showing is her face. And I'm glad they included the hat, something us northerners know that really helps in the cold.

Elsa comes in the same packaging as Anna except with the appropriate clip art and name at the bottom.

 Elsa's clip art. She's showing off her special powers. That gown is gorgeous.

Elsa is even paler than Anna. Her blue dress makes her skin a bit purpley. She has more elaborate eye make up than her sister. Black winged eyeliner and purple eye shadow frame her bright blue eyes. Her red lips are a little more fuller than her sister's.

 Her long, pale blonde hair is braided over her shoulder. The top of her hair is piecey and looks a bit wind swept. I wish her hair was a few shades lighter though because I think it looks a little too golden compared the the animated character's platinum color. I might just be nitpicking though.

Elsa comes dressed in her signature snow queen gown. Her icy blue gown has a sweetheart neckline and sheer, off the shoulder sleeves. Her gown has a snowflake pattern on the bottom half. I have to say this is one of the only gowns glitter looks good on. The other two would be Cinderella's ballgown and Ariel's silver dress at the end of the movie.

The back of their boxes are the same. They feature clip art of the sisters which is the same as the ones on the front of the boxes.

The logo

They retail for $16.95 each right now. I think that's a good deal seeing as that they have so many details and their quality is very good, even better than normal I'd say. I'm sure they'll be put into the BOGO deals they always have going on once they're not brand new anymore.

When you put their boxes together the patterns continue.

I thought that was a nice touch but it's probably because they have the same packaging.

The Frozen dolls come on cardboard backing with a backdrop of Arendelle's port.

The cardboard makes for a nice photo background,

A closer look at the rosemaling on her dress.

A better look at her black boots. They're quite cute, I like them.

She so beautiful but for now I actually prefer her little sister. Maybe that will change after I see the movie. It's funny because at first I only liked her and didn't like Anna at all.

 A better look at the sparkly snowflakes on her dress hem.

 More sparkly winter goodness.

The sisters on their cardboard slips. The backgrounds don't line up like the boxing. That would of been cool to have a huge scene when you placed all four dolls' backing together. Oh well. Elsa's does seem to have a bit more wintery looking sky and water though.

Now for the fun part. The wire ties were around Anna's braids, so I was careful not to be to rough with them and mess up her hair. Lord know I would never be able to redo those as nicely as they came.

Anna all free from her package! She's even cuter out of her box.

She's fun to pose and her long sleeves don't inhibit her arm motion. Can I just say right now her gloves are super soft and I could feel them all day?

I couldn't get too many pictures of her though because she wanted to get her big sister loose.

Elsa looks fabulous out of her box.

I couldn't help but edit this picture! She was posed perfectly for some snowy magic conjuring.

She's very regal and and photogenic. She'll be fun to photograph this winter outside.

I like that you can tell they're sisters but they don't look like carbon copies of one another. I know most siblings don't. You can see the family resemblance in the eye shape and face shape. They also have the same upturned nose. I like how Elsa's lips are slightly fuller than Anna's but still the same shape. They have different skin tones too but they're in the same palette I think. That might just be because of Elsa's powers though. It's possible in siblings too though with the same parents though and that's how my brother and I am.

They have the same profile. I love their little noses.

Elsa's hair do from behind. It's very intricate looking and I'd be afraid to take it down.

Her dress is two separate parts. The under layer is a slinky gown with a slit up the right side. The top layer is cape like and is sheer with a blue sparkly snowflake design.

The bodice is sparkly like the outer layer of the dress.

Her shoes are plain blue flats that match her dress. They're a little disappointing because Elsa has some killer ice slippers in the movie.

Another veiw.

I really love her expression. There's so many different possibilities when taking photos of her.

 Elsa has the newer Disney Store doll body. Her elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles are articulated. 

I hope that's not how you sat at your coronation.
She can sit a little nicer than my Vanessa doll. That's not a very lady like pose though, Elsa.

I was curious to see how her skin compared to Vanessa. I do have to say though that both of their skin appears more purpley in real life.

Vanessa makes Elsa look more human. She has a much stronger lavender tinge to her skin than Elsa. The pictures just make Elsa look white and Vanessa gray though.

They compliment each others' color schemes nicely.

Elsa next to her dress.

The back of Elsa's gown. The pattern on it is beautiful.

I love how the snowflakes aren't the same design just repeated over and over again.

Elsa is a real beauty and I'd recommend her to anyone. She's great for collectors and children.

Next up is Anna. Since she has so many more layers and clothes on I decided to not undress her since she has the same body as Elsa. If you'd like to see her nude though, you can here.

Here gloves are separate from her shirt. 

Her cloak and hood are also separate.

Her hood is like a hat. I also wouldn't suggest taking her hair down as I've read it's rooted to be styled like this and she'll have a bald spot.

I was surprised to find her bodice and skirt are separate. I really thought it would be one dress.

Her shirt however, is one piece.

She has dark blue painted underwear.

Her cloak clasps on and she has two decorative silver hearts that are supposed to be the claps.

Her important white streak of hair.

A better look at her boots. They're black with a gold pattern and brown soles.

They have a slight heel and a pointy toe.

She's also a cutie. It must run in their family.

I decided to take a picture of them with the other two CGI princesses, Rapunzel and Merida. These are all the Disney Store's first versions of them. I'm sure in another year Anna and Elsa will get a make over to make them look less movie accurate and get more glitter.

This is a lot of red and blonde hair and freckles for a three year time period. I understand this is what the stereotypical Scottish and Norwegian women look like, and originally Rapunzel was made to not be included in the princess line up, but still. I'm hoping the next princess will be another women of color. Disney still needs a Latina princess and I'd love to see an Indian princess one day.

 Everyone says Anna resembles Rapunzel too much. While I initially agreed, I think the animated characters look distinct from one another now. Their dolls definitely don't look too similar.

I wonder what they're gossiping about?
I really love these two dolls and the wait was worth it. The quality and details these two have are astounding and I hope the Disney Store continues to improve their princess dolls to this level. Getting these two dolls have made me even more excited to see the movie. I think these dolls are great for both play and display.

Next up on my list is reviewing the male dolls from the movie once Hans arrives.



  1. Great review, Heather! :) I'm eagerly awaiting my Anna and Elsa, en route from :}

    It's interesting that they decided to use the fully articulated bodies again. Too bad they didn't improve the design...

    Thanks for tiding me over while I wait for my own dolls. ;)

  2. It is weird they chose to use them again but they also used them in The Little Mermaid gift set too. I bought this years Aurora and she has the old Barbie style legs.

    I can't wait to read your review of them! :)

  3. Oh my, what a cool review ^^ Love the shots, I´ll buy Elsa, I need her ^^

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  5. YES!! Latina princess is a must! XD The only princesses i could relate too physically is to Belle for hair color and eye color and to Mulan for eye shape. DX We latinas need a princess! :D Plz disney? :3 Love the collection. I got Anna and Kristoff for myself and Elsa for my older sis (she went crazy!) I did not get Hans though. I didn't like him before the movie and after well... if you've seen it then.. yeah.

  6. There is an African American pricess, her name is Tiana. The show was adorable but the shadow man made it a little scary for the little ones.

    Mulan, Snow White and Jasmine are also Disney Princesses that are not blonde with freckles.

    I have a read haired daughter and there is NOTHING out there for red haired girls. Now we have Little mearmaid, Merida and Anna...thank you Disney - keep up the great work!

  7. The review excellent. The classic edition Elsa and Anna dolls review you made me really think of getting those dolls at the Disney store. By the way there is an Indian princesses.

  8. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    In my attempt to find hooked viewers as me, I came to your pretty blog. =D Cutie dolllllllllls thereeeeeeee!

  9. No me gustan los zapatos de Elsa.

    I do not like shoes Elsa.

  10. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to debox my Elsa

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  12. Hi, Do you know maybe, is Elsa's body match to Barbie peace skin tone bodies? I would be very grateful for an answer. I'm looking for articulated body donor for my Fan Bing Bing doll :)