Friday, September 20, 2013

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: Midge

So let me just start of by saying I don't remember the last time I wanted to buy a play line Barbie doll. The last time I bought a new Barbie was when the Barbie Basics came out a few years back but those are directed towards collectors anyways. I heard about the new webisodes Mattel was doing for the Barbie line but never checked them out until recently when I realized Midge was in them. I imagine they started producing them for Barbie because their similar approach to Monster High became a roaring success. Personally I think Barbie needed this because I think people, like me, just think of her as a doll instead of her own character.

I really like the web series and it reminds me of the Barbie portrayed in the Toy Story movies. The series is like a reality show based on Barbie and her friends lives in Malibu. The catch is though the characters are all actually the dolls. The show is even complete with squeaky limbs when they are walking. The show is also peppered with jokes about Barbie's long history and other doll related problems that made me laugh.

I looked around on the Barbie Collector website and I realized they had dolls that tied into the webisodes. I like that Mattel realizes that the show not only appeals to their target audience but also their adult collector market. I decided I needed to get myself Midge for pure nostalgic reasons. One of my favorite dolls I had growing up was the infamous Happy Family Midge. I can't tell you how many of my childhood hours I wasted playing with her. I had her husband and son, the grandparents, and even the doll house that tied into them. I think she's still floating around some where in storage but I couldn't find her for the review.

Anyways it seems Midge has dropped her husband and kids for the Life in the Dreamhouse line and headed to Malibu to hang out with her BFF Barbie. Those kids can take care of themselves by now though, I mean that was 2002.

Looking good for having two kids 11 years ago.

Let me just apologize in advance for the wrinkly background in the photos. I need to do some ironing before I take pictures for the next review.

Midge was first introduced in the Life in the Dreamhouse episodes in season three. She's come all the way from Willows, Wisconsin to visit her childhood friend Barbie. Life in Malibu is a shock to her because apparently back home they haven't advanced past the 1960's. Barbie and her sisters decide she needs a bit of updating and give her a modern look complete with color! You can watch her introductory episode here. The show seems to have brushed her past history of her married life under the rug. A good call I think.

Midge was around $15, a great price I think. She comes in a hot pink package that's fairly simple. It features her animated counter part in the top left corner. On Barbie logo is on the bottom featuring Barbie and her friends from the show and the dreamhouse itself.

I think she translated well into doll form. I'm impressed with how well her hair style and face match each other.

From left to right: Raquelle, Teresa, Barbie, Nikki, Midge, and Summer.

The back of Midge's box includes pictures of her from the episodes she's in and a few facts about her. The right side also has the characters peeking out the front door of the dreamhouse.

Midge comes with a second outfit that coordinates with the one she comes wearing and her accessories. Her style comes off as vintage, which is fitting for her character. Her color scheme and the polka dot print seems nautical to me too.

She was really easy to debox thankfully. She comes strapped in on sparkly light blue cardboard.

Midge has a closed mouth mold with full, light pink lips. I think she has the only closed mouth mold in the line, which makes her have the most attractive face to me.

Here's a better look at her second outfit. It's actually a dress and not separate. The top is blue with white polka dots and ruffly sleeves. The skirt is a blue, white, and red plaid pattern.

Midge comes dressed in a sparkly red and floral print dress. Once again it's made to look like a blouse and skirt but they're attached. I wish they weren't because it would be fun to mix and match the pieces. Her polka dot cardigan is in fact separate though, thankfully.

She comes with a studded gold bracelet, statement necklace, and drop earrings. Her outfit is complete with a red purse and black t-strap heels.

A closer up picture of all of the details of her outfit.

Her shoes are cute but they would of been nice in red too. Red would of matched both of her dresses and would of popped a little more.

Midge has short rooted eyelashes above her blue eyes. She also has her trademark freckles across her cheeks.

She has long, wavy, red hair with bangs across her forehead. You can also see that the ruffles on her dress don't continue all the way around.

Wrinkles galore!

Her dress looks cute without the cardigan too!

You can see the detail of her jewelry a little more clearly here.

Her purse is solid red plastic with ruffle trim. Sadly it doesn't open like most Monster High and Ever After High purses.

Her outfits she comes with, minus her shoes and jewelry.

Time to dress Midge in her second dress!

And here she is! I love big girly sleeves on her dress! I think a red belt would of been cute for around her waist, but it looks nice without one too. Her purse matches the thread used through out her dress and the red running through the plaid on her skirt.

I really like this dress and it seems very nautical to me. I'd love to take some pictures of her near the ocean or a light house while she's wearing this. 

I think this dress looks much better on her than by itself in her box. At first I wasn't crazy about the two different patterns, but it works because they have the same colors in them. It's also more visually interesting with the different textures. I'm glad they opted for it because it shows Midge's quirky personality that she has in the show.

I decided to try her cardigan with this outfit. I like the red but it's a little much with her already busy dress. Like I said I wish her dresses were tops and skirts because her outfits have a lot of mix and match potential, especially because they all have the same color scheme. 

I love how her hair looks swept over her shoulder. Her hair may look a little ratty in the back but it looks lovely from the front. I didn't even dare to try and brush it.

Here is her articulated body. I think she may share the same body with the Barbie Fashionistas but I have no clue where my first wave artsy is. Oops.

She has an articulated waist, elbows, and wrists.

Her waist allows her to end from side to side nicely. She can strike some cute poses thanks to it.

Cracking her back maybe?
She can also lean backwards. She can't lean forwards though.

And that's as far as I can go!
Her knees are also articulated. Her hips don't have much though and that's as far as her legs will stretch.

She can bend her knees at a nice 90 degree angle. Good for sitting in chairs!

Midge can also sit and pose nicely on the ground.

I need to pee!
I don't know what to call this pose. The potty dance?

Midge is very flexible compared to the Barbie Basic dolls. As you can guess, she's much easier to dress!

Is that the only pose you can do?

Careful Midge, she'll steal your voice too.
I was excited to see how her articulation compared to my Disney Store dolls, seeing as they are the only other dolls of a similar size and similar body. Vanessa looks quite ill compared to Midge's more rosier complexion.

The Disney Store dolls definitely win on their arm joints. Their arms are much more flexible feeling, while Barbie's are more stiff.

That's the best you can do?
Midge wins on leg articulation though. She can sit nicely and can even pose differently while sitting. I could barely get Vanessa to sit and even then she looked silly. Her ankles are articulated though, while Midge's aren't. 

I'm sure everyone knows how tall Barbies are but I figured I'd take a comparison shot anyways for the heck of it.

I dressed Midge again and had some more fun posing her. 

I'm very happy I choose to buy Midge. Not only does she remind me of my childhood, but she's also a beautiful doll with awesome clothes. I love her character in the show and I recommend that you watch it if you haven't yet. It's very fun because we've all had Barbie dolls at some point in our lives and I love the fact that the characters are dolls and not people.

I'd also recommend these dolls if you're looking for a modern Barbie for your collection. They have nice clothes, hair, make up, eyelashes, and articulation. They're also only about $15 which I think is great. I'm so impressed with Midge I might have to go out and get Teresa at some point. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to run to the Disney Store to pick up some of the Frozen merchandise that was released on Monday, so expect a review of that soon!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous doll <3 Great review too!

    1. She is beautiful! And I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :)

  2. I love the Life in the Dreamhouse series! It's so funny for anyone who ever played with Barbies. My 2.5 year old daughter Guinevere likes it and even my husband thinks it's funny. We can all enjoy it together. I was so excited when Midge was introduced, I remembered her too and she's one of my favorite characters from the show now. The only Barbies my daughter had so far were a couple of Barbie in the Pink Shoes ballerina barbies, and I was kind of looking for Barbies that looked like they do in the show.

    I was so excited when I saw the display at Target one day! I bought Barbie and Midge. I'd like to have the whole set. For the first time I'm actually interested in Ken because of his character on the show. I saw him at Walmart, btw, but haven't been able to get one. I just wish they had the sisters in the Dreamhouse doll series. I especially like Skipper, and I like having Chelsea for my little girl.

    I've even got this picture of her watching Dreamhouse the other night with Barbie and Midge sitting next to her!

    On an editorial note, I noticed that several times you used "would of" instead of "would've"(the contraction for "would have"). Great review! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog.

    1. It's such a fun series! I'm glad you are able to enjoy it with your daughter, because I remember the Barbie movies from when I was little and don't remember the plot being all that great. She's very cute btw, and I love her Sofia dress!

      I wish they'd make Skipper and Chelsea too. I think they make Chelsea dolls for the regular Barbie line (I want to call her Kelly!), but I'm not sure about Skipper.

      Thank you for correcting me too! I tend to type how I talk and never even realized I was using the incorrect phrase. I'll remember that for my other reviews!

    2. Yes, they do have Chelsea(and yes she replaced Kelly!), Skipper, and even Stacie in the regular line, but I'm disappointed they aren't including the sisters in the Dreamhouse gang.

      I think the Barbie movies are improving! The "fairy" ones are consistently weird to me, but Guinevere loves Barbie in the Pink Shoes, definitely for a young audience but pretty good quality, and I'm looking forward to getting Barbie and Her Sisters in A Pony Tale when it comes out. I'm sure she'll love the coordinating dolls and ponies they can ride.

      I've been reading so many doll/toy blogs, I felt like doing it myself, so I just did a post about all of our Sofia the First dolls and I did a shot with Dreamhouse Barbie in it for comparison.

  3. Such a lovely and detailed review, I feel like buying a few charecters at least, if not all from the life in a dreamhouse series after reading your post! :) I am a huge Barbie fan who is trying her best to resist the temptation of emptying her wallet everytime there is a new line by mattel!! :D

  4. I was so excited when I saw the display at Target one day! I bought Barbie and Midge. I'd like to have the whole set. For the first time I'm actually interested in Ken because of his character on the show. I saw him at Walmart, btw, but haven't been able to get one. I just wish they had the sisters in the Dreamhouse doll series. I especially like Skipper, and I like having Chelsea for my little girl.