Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Store's Frozen Anna and Elsa Dolls

I've been following the development of Disney's adaption of Hans Christian Anderson's story the Snow Queen for years. After being shelved a couple of times, I was ecstatic to learn that Disney was giving it a go again after the success of Tangled. Not surprisingly, they gave the Snow Queen a one word title like they did Tangled, formerly Rapunzel Unbraided, and  Brave which was originally going to be called the Bear and the Bow. I can't blame them seeing as both were popular movies that appealed to both genders. They also changed the plot a bit, and instead decided to make Frozen loosely based on the Snow Queen, something I'm surprisingly okay with.

Frozen revolves around two sisters, Anna and Elsa. Elsa has magical powers allowing her to control ice and snow. On the day of her coronation to become queen of their kingdom, Arendelle, Elsa looses control and freezes their kingdom into an eternal winter. Terrified of what she's done, she flees to the Norwegian mountains and creates an ice palace of her own, isolating herself from her sister and her people. Anna who is not afraid of her sister, goes on a journey to save her sister and bring her back home. Anna is accompanied on her adventure by Kristoff, an ice harvester, who knows the dangerous landscape, his reindeer Sven, and a snowman Elsa created named Olaf. I have read the spoilers and don't let Disney's marketing fool you, it will be a dramatic story. This will be a spoiler free review though.

Anna on the left, Elsa on the right.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: Midge

So let me just start of by saying I don't remember the last time I wanted to buy a play line Barbie doll. The last time I bought a new Barbie was when the Barbie Basics came out a few years back but those are directed towards collectors anyways. I heard about the new webisodes Mattel was doing for the Barbie line but never checked them out until recently when I realized Midge was in them. I imagine they started producing them for Barbie because their similar approach to Monster High became a roaring success. Personally I think Barbie needed this because I think people, like me, just think of her as a doll instead of her own character.

I really like the web series and it reminds me of the Barbie portrayed in the Toy Story movies. The series is like a reality show based on Barbie and her friends lives in Malibu. The catch is though the characters are all actually the dolls. The show is even complete with squeaky limbs when they are walking. The show is also peppered with jokes about Barbie's long history and other doll related problems that made me laugh.

I looked around on the Barbie Collector website and I realized they had dolls that tied into the webisodes. I like that Mattel realizes that the show not only appeals to their target audience but also their adult collector market. I decided I needed to get myself Midge for pure nostalgic reasons. One of my favorite dolls I had growing up was the infamous Happy Family Midge. I can't tell you how many of my childhood hours I wasted playing with her. I had her husband and son, the grandparents, and even the doll house that tied into them. I think she's still floating around some where in storage but I couldn't find her for the review.

Anyways it seems Midge has dropped her husband and kids for the Life in the Dreamhouse line and headed to Malibu to hang out with her BFF Barbie. Those kids can take care of themselves by now though, I mean that was 2002.

Looking good for having two kids 11 years ago.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

J-Doll: Maroseica St.

I've known of J-Dolls for a while but was never really interested in purchasing one until recently when I became aware of how cheap they're going for on eBay, around $35-$60. Recently on Tumblr a few people I follow had bought some and I realized I wanted one for myself. I've always wanted a Pullip doll but their price tag was always a little too much for me, seeing as I like so many other dolls too. So I thought a J-Doll would be a good alternative for now, especially because I love their sweet faces.

After scouring eBay for a couple of days I finally settled on Maroseica St. or Rue Antoine Dansaert. When it finally came down to it Maroseica won out because I loved the doll herself, while Dansaert I only liked for her clothes. I loved Maroseica's beautiful green eyes and gorgeous red hair, and I figured I can always re-dress her into something different. Her elaborate outfit has grown on me though.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pinkie Cooper Jet Set Pets: Pepper Parson

By now you've probably heard of these strange looking dolls called Pinkie Cooper by The Bridge Direct. I first heard the name thrown around on Tumblr in the doll community but my first true experience with them was reading The Toy Box Philosopher's review of Pinkie Cooper herself back in July. At first I wasn't too fond of the alien-like dolls and the bizarre concept of anthropomorphic dogs in the fashion world. Now I know anthropomorphism of animals isn't anything new and it has been done before in the doll world, but I still was a bit apprehensive of this doll line at first. Especially because they have pet dogs themselves, something I'm not too fond of and I will be ignoring that part of the line.

Anyways though, as you've probably guessed they grew on me! Especially as a dog lover their sweet, innocent, Spaniel face melted my heart. My first dog ever was a Cocker Spaniel named Chloe. My family got her as a puppy when I was one and we grew up together. Sadly several years ago she passed away at the age of twelve. While Pinkie Cooper is based off of the doll designer's English Toy Spaniel, also called King Charles Spaniel, they have enough similarities with Cocker Spaniels to remind me of my Chloe. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, while different from English toys/King Charles, have also been one of my favorite dog breeds since I was young, and I've always wanted a red and white one named Ginger. So as you can imagine I had to buy Ginger Jones as quickly as possible. Well now I've picked up Pepper Parson so she can have a friend to hang out with.

Pepper Parson

Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Itroduction

So before I post my first review I thought I'd properly introduce myself! My name's Heather and I'm 18 and recently graduated high school (finally!). For as long as I can remember I've loved dolls. When I was a child I was all about my Barbies, Bratz, and American Girl dolls. Sometime during 6th grade I'd lost interest in playing with them but never interest in them. That's when I transitioned into collecting them. Now my three biggest collections are my Disney, Monster High, and American Girl dolls. Let me show you what I've gathered so far!

Ignore the bright pink wall. I was going through an interesting stage when my parents painted my old bedroom for me.